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Verdict: Jury finds St. Marie guilty on all counts

Public Notice

Today I made a new friend named William (Bill) Tanney.

Bill was born in Becker County, not far from Menahga in 1925. His father's name was August and his mother Lempi. He had five sisters and one brother who was killed in war.

Bill joined the Air Force and was sent to bases in San Antonio and Tucson in 1951. First he drove trucks, then was given a pencil-pusher job writing manuals, among other things. Thailand was one of the bases where he worked during 20-plus years in the Air Force. While he was in the service, he took a couple of courses.

Bill met and married Doris Marlene Fishburg in Madison, Wis., in 1958. They were married 49 years. They have one son. Doris liked Menahga as much as Bill does. She died in 2007. Having a hard case of Asian flu was Bill's worst health experience. It sent him to the hospital.

Now, did Bill have any close calls? Not really. The war was winding down and he had a safe job.

Whenever Bill had time off, he has gone hunting and fishing. He owns a house in Menahga, a boat, and plans to be back before long.

Bill and Doris bowled every week. They had a tiny little dog named Mitzy who lived 13 years. She hated the car Marlene drove and went crazy whenever she drove in, but paid no attention to other cars. He thinks he might get another dog.

Bill's hobby was doing leather items. He made belts, handbags, wallets and many other things. He doesn't plan to go back to making them because of the high cost of leather and the kind of tools he would need.

What place is Bill's favorite spot on all of the Earth, the place where he is happiest and wants to spend the rest of his life? One word answers all three questions: Menahga, Menahga, Menahga!