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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the May 25, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Deer Creek school packs up

Goodbyes take on a monumental tone this school year in Deer Creek.

With balloons, the school song and waves, school staff and students say goodbye to a school that has more than 100 years of history as the last batch of fifth- and sixth-graders leaves May 25.

• Rev. Lane authors book

After a second printing of his book this spring, the Rev. Chick Lane finds being an author humbling.

So far, his book, "Ask, Thank, Tell: Improving Stewardship Ministry In Your Congregation," has sold an estimated 2,500 copies, enough to start a second printing in late April.

Lane is from Wadena and was the pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1984-1996. He now works for the National Lutheran Church in his office in Wadena.

His book, published by Augsburg Fortress of Minneapolis, was first published in January.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the May 31, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Adults and youth collaborate

A discussion of quarter pipes, wedges, rails and launch boxes would go right over the head of most adults. It was obvious Wadena City Council Member Dean Uselman had studied the nuances of skateboarding/in-line skating before he met with about two dozen boys May 23. Still, Uselman let the kids know he needed their input to help set up two parks in Wadena geared toward youth.

• Inspirations holds Grand Opening Open House Friday

Carolyn Fisher started the store in June 1988, viewing it as part of her ministry. Supplying Christian-based products to Wadena and the surrounding cities was important to her. She started the store at 208 S. Jefferson, then moved it next door to 206 and in April of this year the store moved to 209 across the street.

Sadly, Carolyn wasn't able there to see the latest move. She passed away in December. Her husband, Bob Fischer from Verndale, wanted to keep the store going and hired Susan Mohs to manage it. Employees Bethel Erickson, her daughter Joye Erickson, and Naomi Papillon assist Mohs in the store.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the May 27, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• Russ Berg is retiring

Wadena city public utilities superintendent Russ Berg, 62, will retire at the end of June after serving the city and the people of Wadena for the past 27 years. Russ and his wife, Char, are planning a small business venture and building a home on property they own at Lake Lida near Pelican Rapids upon retirement. Berg said the people of Wadena have been good to him.

• Golden year for June dairy month

This year (1986) we celebrate this annual tradition for the 50th consecutive year.

We know the past year has been especially difficult for many dairy farmers. Milk prices have fallen because of a large dairy surplus. But it is also true because of the advertising and promotion funded by all dairy farmers across the country, dairy product sales have increased during the last two years at a rate unprecedented in history.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the May 27, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• 1971 Memorial Day program planned

Memorial Day this year comes on Monday, May 31, because of the new national holiday arrangement that went into effect this year.

There will be a flag raising in BN Park by the VFW, followed by a breakfast at the post, after which Legion and VFW and Auxiliaries will assemble at the cemetery for grave decoration, according to Memorial Day Chairman Charlie Paper.

• Wadena AFS declared surplus; being considered for sheltered workshop

The Wadena Air Force Station has been declared surplus to the needs of the federal government.

After many considerations by several groups in this community as to possible uses of the facility and the related costs, the following letter was sent to Mr. [Dale] Wilson under date of May 18, 1971: "Consideration of the rehabilitation needs of this district, indicate [sic] that it is expedient to convert the Base property into a long-term Sheltered Workshop and a Halfway House for alcoholics and soft-drug addicts. We have arrived at this conclusion after many meetings of the personnel of the Northern Pines Mental Health Center, the Brainerd State Hospital, the Fergus Falls State Hospital, the Wadena County Welfare Department and other interested individuals. The facilities of the Base with only moderate conversion, could satisfy the requirements for these proposed activities."

60 years ago

Excerpts from the May 31, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• First annual REA Telephone meet scheduled

Plans for the first annual meeting of the West Central Telephone Association were announced this week by George Voss, president of the association.

• They just fade away

The current popular saying, "Old Soldiers Never Die... They Just Fade Away," could well be tied with the removal of Wadena's oldest business building. The building was removed from behind the J.C. Penney company store last week, and was moved to the Homer Waterhouse farm, west of Verndale.