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J. Tessman Studio and other Wadena County shutterbugs

Photo provided This photo, taken by J. Tessman, former Wadena photographer is of an unidentified family. If you have information call (218) 631-9079.

I received a family photograph that was taken by J. Tessman, Wadena studio. On the rear of the photo someone had written Ed Schmatz family. The persons who have looked at this photo wondered if that is correct. Anyone who has any knowledge about this photo please call the historical society at (218) 631-9079.

The J. Tessman Studio originally started in 1899 by J. Tessman and in 1909 was known as The Tessman Studio. Originally the studio was on Jefferson South and later at 103 Colfax Ave SW. The termination of the Tessman Studio in Wadena was 1910.

The Review noted that J. Tessman, "the well-known Wadena photographer," had a photography gallery built on the Eberline lot on Minnesota Avenue. He had taken photos in Sebeka several times the past winter and business was so good that he decided to build a gallery and make regular visits, the Review reported.

After looking in the Sebeka Pages of Time 1898-1998 book there was mention of a Reverend Henry J. Tessman. Henry Milbradt wrote that he and his brother Albert were confirmed together on April 28, 1907 by the Rev. Henry J. Tessman. Seems photography was a very popular business and several people tried their hand at taking pictures in the 1800s. During the period from 1880 to 1910 the following photography businesses were in Wadena:

• In 1880, Mr. Henderson, photographer, had a photography business located at 11 Bryant Ave. SE and terminated in the same year, 1880.

• In 1881, J. J. Ellis, photographer, had a photography business located at Aldrich Ave. SE and terminated his business in 1883.

• In 1884, Joseph Hill, photographer, had a photography business which terminated in the same year, 1884.

• In 1884, W. C. Hoit, photographer, had a photography business at 208 1/2 Jefferson St., which terminated 1890.

• In 1886, C. Wetzel, photographer, started a photography business which terminated in 1888.

• In 1887, C. C. Neal, photographer, started a photography business, but did terminate that same year, 1887.

• In 1887, Walter Sargeant, traveling photography, had his traveling photography business at 24 Colfax Ave. SE, which terminated 1890.

• In 1888, Haynes, the photographer, started a traveling photography business and the address was in a N. P. Railroad car. Again this photography business terminated in that same year it started, 1888.

• In 1895, Francis Palace Railway Photography was a traveling photographer was located in a N. P. Railroad Car and terminated 1895.

• In 1895, Adam Roesel, photographer, had a photography business located at First St. SE. He was in business for approximately three years because he terminated his business in 1898.

• In 1896, Amanda Wahlstrom, photographer, had her photography business at two different locations - 101 Bryant Ave. SW and 121 1/2 Jefferson St. S., which was sold to C. Raven and Wahlstrom and terminated in 1908.

• In 1899, Palm Svarry & Company, photographer, had a photography business at 302 Jefferson South and terminated the same year, 1899.

• In 1899, J. Tessman Photo was at Jefferson South and 203 Colfax Ave. SW later, and terminated in 1910.