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Local group went to England for Royal Wedding

Photo provided Julia Palmer (top far right) led a group to travel to London for the Royal Wedding.1 / 2
The bridal bouquet was placed on the grave.2 / 2

Nobody could escape the publicity of the Royal Wedding, not even Will and Kate themselves. It has been all over the news and pop culture outlets.

Some adventurous souls in Wadena's Prime Time Club decided they might as well get up close and personal to the real thing in London.

The Prime Time Club is based out of Mid-Central Federal Savings Bank.

Julia Palmer, marketing and public relations director at Mid-Central, said that even though the area around Westminster Abbey was extremely crowded during the ceremony, the group still got a glimpse of Prince William and Catherine.

"We got to see them take off in the helicopter," Palmer said.

Palmer, a history buff, took a photo of the bride's bouquet placed on a war monument at Westminster.

"The bouquet is on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier," Palmer said.

She said it was an exciting time to be in London and particularly Westminster.

"We went to an Eveningsong service there on the Sunday after the wedding," Palmer said. "There were only 1,700 people that were allowed inside the church that day."

Palmer said that the whole of London was festive for the wedding, and the group got to see other sights in the city.

"The Eye was all decorated and the Thames was lit up at night," she said.

The tour was not limited to England.

"After we went to the wedding, we took a tour over to Paris. We took the Chunnel tunnel," she said.

The group spent three days there and got to see the Eiffel Tower at night, among other sights.

The death of Osama Bin Laden was announced while they were still on the trip.

Palmer has lived in the United States for about 18 years, and she is originally from England herself - Northampton, two hours from London.

"I grew up with Prince Charles and Diana getting married," Palmer said. "[Diana's] family home is only 15 minutes from where I grew up."