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Twenty-three TCHC staff members credentialed

On November 1, 2010 Tri-County Health Care (TCHC) implemented EPIC, an electronic health record, to enhance the quality and efficiency of care. Recently, 23 TCHC staff members have completed the necessary requirements to reach a credentialed status on this system.

Training has been provided to staff to ensure they can effectively, efficiently and safely use EPIC, the new electronic health record, to perform their jobs and manage the health of our patients.

"Recently, several additional Tri-County Health Care employees were credentialed in EPIC applications. To become credentialed, EPIC 'super users' must pass a written test and successfully complete a presentation to CentraCare staff to earn the designation," said Cindy Uselman, hospital optimizer. "The credentialed staff are qualified to train new employees on the use of EPIC."

TCHC credentialed super users are: Michelle Allred, RN; Shelbey Arneson; Carla Blashack; Sheila Busker; Brenda Erickson; Barb Fransen; Janene Heidemann; Cathy Hendrickson; Doreen Hoyta; Pat Johnson, RN; Stephanie Larson, RN; Becky Palmer; Jill Paplow; Sarah Riedel, RN, OB; Michael Ritzer, LPN; Cindy Schmitz; Tina Schemerhorn; Tracey Stoneman; Deloris Stapel; Tammy Snyder, RN; Cindy Uselman, RN; Kris Wallgren, RN, OB; and Deb Zacharias, RN, Emergency Department.

"Tri-County Health Care has 49 additional 'super users' who went through additional training to be able to help others. Several of our super users have stepped up to the plate, they just haven't been credentialed yet," said Uselman. "These super users are able to assist their colleagues to ensure that they can effectively, efficiently and safely use EPIC to perform their jobs and manage the health of our patients."

On June 5, 2011, TCHC will perform the annual upgrade of EPIC. "It's exciting. The system keeps getting better and is going to be more user-friendly for staff and ultimately our patients," said Kathy Kleen, TCHC chief nursing officer. "It is great that our providers have the ability to see the complete picture of their patients' health history at each encounter."