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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the May 11, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• No rats found in building

No rats were found in an old seed warehouse after an investigation by exterminators and city and county officials.

On Friday, 15 sites at the Peterson-Biddick building were dusted to look for rat tracks. No tracks were found and no burrows were found, said Wadena County Public Health Director Karen Nelson. The only track found was one cat track, said Wadena County board chairman Lane Waldahl.

• Wolverine girls win Browne Invitational

In their first home track and field meet since 2001, the Wolverines girls won their second meet in a row.

Wadena-Deer Creek girls scored 113 points to win the Browne Invitational on May 2, beating runner-up Otter Tail Central by eight and a half points.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the May 17, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Alley work delayed a year

It appears the alley project in Wadena won't be completed this summer.

"The more I look at it, we aren't going to get the paving done in the alleys this year," engineer Dave Grinaker of Larson & Peterson told the Wadena City Council May 9.

• Brewski's opens in Deer Creek

People have always kidded the Brueskes about their name. Care for a brewski, Brueske?

Now that's what they ask customers from their side of the bar in Deer Creek. Their motto is "Brewski's - where your mug is never empty."

25 years ago

Excerpts from the May 13, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• Truax runner-up in 4-state box-off

Wadena junior boxer Jason Truax, 90 pounds, Wadena, Minnesota State Champion in the 12-13 age group saw action in a 4-state tourney held Apr. 26-27 in Omaha, Neb.

• from Business Bits by Greg Collins

You could use last week's nuclear accident in the Soviet Union as one example where government could care less what the people think as long as they feel it is looking out for their best interest.

It's kind of sad how the Soviet government hid the facts from the population surrounding the power plant near Kiev.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the May 13, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• U.S. Hwy. 71 meeting here May 20

Thursday, May 20, has been set as the date of a meeting concerning the route of Highway 71 from Jackson to International Falls.

The meeting, to be held In Wadena, will feature villages and cities along the route. These towns will be given information concerning the happenings along No. 71 from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.

Participating towns, following a complete study, will delegate individuals to a committee to start work to bring the highway up to expressway standards.

• From a letter to the editor by Mrs. R.E. Holter

The Webers are commendable in protesting the handling of the questionable popular topic (God forbid!) SEX...

Yes, they even show how "calves" are born, on TV! Why do 5-year-olds need this? There is little wonder they fear the adult world, and rise up against it -- My youth was a glorious time for me due to my mother's alternative. It was: "Self-discipline, and responsibility to life." If indiscretion would be my choice, it would be my responsibility -- not hers! I did not need any explanation on "how" a baby comes to life -- that was not the information I needed to know at the age of 14.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the May 17, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• Lions, Rotarians get lesson in telephony

Lions and Rotary clubs of Wadena at their regular meetings this week were given a demonstration by Ray Nelson, a representative of the Bell Telephone Co., on operator dialing. In the demonstration, Nelson showed how long distance calling had been sped up in the past 21 years.

In the demonstration it was shown how a call progressed from Wadena to Chicago in 1930, taking a time limit of approximately four minutes. It was then shown how that same call could be made today in approximately 30 seconds.

• from Our Town With the Editor

When the announcement was made two weeks ago that the erstwhile editor of the Pioneer Journal, George Masters, had accepted the position as assistant director of publicity for Northwest Airlines, we somehow felt journalisf [sic] had lost a topnotch worker ... such isn't the case though, for George's work will still keep him in contact with the press.