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April 11

• A woman reported while she was out of town, someone had taken and pawned her late husband's wedding ring. The woman had paid $1,600 for the ring in Las Vegas. It had been pawned for $20. The person who pawned it said the owner had asked her to pawn it for her.

April 19

• A man and woman were detained at a Wadena store for attempted shoplifting of an article of clothing, a Nintendo Wii nunchuk controller and a computer game.

April 26

• A woman on 9th Street SW reported a wood carving of a black bear, valued at $200, was missing.

• An Alexandria investigator called local authorities about a phone message left for a media outlet there saying there was going to be a murder at Bell Hill Recovery Center. A case worker said the man is suffering from dementia, and he meant he was in danger of getting murdered. The man had previously called police to report an incident where his pills had been taken away.

• An incident involving a dog lunging at a girl was reported. Investigators spoke to the dog's owner, who was issued a citation for public nuisance since the dog had bitten someone in the past. While the investigator was talking to the owner, the dog snapped at the officer. The owner said he would put the dog in its kennel and would talk to his wife about putting the dog down.

• A woman reported she had paid $5,000 in advance for an upright tub and had not received the tub. The check had been deposited but the person who cashed it hadn't installed the tub in the promised amount of time.

• A girl was receiving "nasty text messages" on her phone, and when she tried to call the number they were coming from, no one would speak. She feared the messages, which were "rude" but not threatening, were from a man whom she had obtained a harassment restraining order against.

April 27

• A salon owner reported a man who was getting a haircut had tried to kiss and grab his hair stylist. The stylist pushed the man away and he left.

• A man reported someone had spray painted the side of his camper. It said "no blood for oil."

• A client at Bell Hill who was involved in earlier incidents was arrested after threatening staff members with a five-foot-long steel fence post.

April 28

• A man was cited for driving his ATV on a city street and for having a child on the vehicle with him who was not wearing a helmet.

• A client at Bell Hill who was involved in earlier incidents and was just released from jail had walked away from the treatment center. He was located in a pasture in Wadena County and brought back to the facility.

April 29

• A caller reported two junk vehicles in her neighborhood. One hadn't been registered since 2002, and the other was missing an engine and hadn't been registered since 2006. Nuisance vehicle violations were sent to the property owner.

• Police were called around 9:30 p.m. when a vehicle went off the roadway into a ditch, striking a traffic sign, then pulled out of the ditch and continued down the road.

• An apartment fire was reported in the 800 block of 5th Street SW in Wadena around 11 a.m.

April 30

• Police accepted a small tool box and a portable camping bed, which had apparently fallen off a vehicle. They were put in the lost and found.

• A Bell Hill client who was involved in previous incidents with police had barricaded himself in a room and was writing all over the walls. He had items blocking the door stacked from floor to ceiling.

• A witness said she saw a man go into the ditch and said he ran out of gas. But when he opened the door to get out of the car, a beer can fell out, and she believed he was drunk. The man was arrested for DWI after blowing .222 blood alcohol level on a breathalyzer, almost three times the legal limit. The man also had a loaded, uncased .17 caliber rifle in the passenger's seat of the vehicle.

May 1

• A man called police again to report his neighbor, who had built a device he called his "urinator," was using the device again. The neighbor put a funnel inside his garage and hooked it up to a hose that had run outside the garage and into the back yard. The man had been using the "urinator" to dump oil and urinate into from inside his garage, letting the fluids leak into the neighborhood. When police followed up with the neighbor, they found the hose had been cut off, and the funnel was gone, and police determined the "urinator" was no longer functional. They reported back to the caller that this was the case.

• Police checked on a man who was panhandling in Wadena. The man was holding a sign that said, "Homeless. Thank you for helping. God bless you." The man said he was on his way to North Dakota to work on the oil fields, and planned to leave that night.

May 2

• A man found a cell phone in the street. He texted something to the cell phone and the text was answered by someone who said the cell phone belonged to a sergeant at the Brainerd Police Department and there was a $500 reward for returning the phone. A Wadena officer contacted Brainerd police on behalf of the man who found it, but the police department there said there was no one working there by the name of the registered owner of the phone, and there was no reward they knew of.

• A caller informed police that someone posing as an FBI agent had been sending e-mails claiming that if a local church didn't send $350 for a "clearance certificate," an international warrant would be issued for their arrest. The e-mail was purportedly from the director of the FBI, but was fraudulent.

• A city worker found some personal belongings in a Wadena park, and authorities tried to contact the owner. The owner was not at his apartment, and had recently been taken to Hennepin County Jail for a probation violation.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.