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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the May 4, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Fuel prices stunt travel

Roxanne Townshend of Minneapolis will see less of her family near Sebeka thanks to high gas prices.

Townshend pumped gas at $2.79 a gallon in her vehicle on Monday at the Holiday Station in Wadena. A family reunion near Sebeka brought her to town.

She doesn't like the high gas prices and travels less to see her family when the prices are high.

"I think it's awful," she said. "We're getting robbed and there's no reason for it."

Gas prices reached $2.85 in Wadena last week but were $2.79 on Wednesday.

Local gas station employees say they can't control the prices and they, too, are frustrated.

• Tammy Swift: iPod support makes user a little iRate

When I received an iPod Nano for my 40th birthday, I discovered audio nirvana.

I couldn't believe 1,000 songs could be stored on a device scarcely larger than a credit card. Downloading music was easy, even for a technophobe like me.

Then, during my vacation, my iPod broke in my luggage.

Perhaps it should be renamed the iBreak.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the May 10, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Trees aplenty

The Wadena Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) sold 75,000 trees this year to Wadena County residents - that is 35,000 more than average.

• Coach Kaatz celebrates 300th win

Fans celebrated Wadena-Deer Creek head coach Dennis Kaatz's 300th win after a 13-0 victory over Pine River in a nonconference game May 3.

A banner marking Kaatz's accomplishment decorated the Pine River field Thursday, and root beer floats were served at Tuesday night's home game against Perham in celebration.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the May 6, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• Groundbreaking ceremony at Tri-County Hospital

The Tri-County Hospital Board of Medical Staff initiated the $1.6 million construction program at Tri-County Hospital with the traditional ground breaking ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, April 29, 1986.

• The Cozy video room

The Cozy video room, just recently added to the Cozy Theater, is now open for business. Owners Don and Rich Quincer expanded their business to include the video tapes. The rental shop will be open daily as well as hours during movies.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the May 6, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• From a letter to the editor by Barbara McPhee

[Another writer] feels a student should not learn about sex until he graduates. Can this be true?

I'm a senior at the W.H.S. The sex education I learned in high school was nothing new to me. Maybe because my parents answered any questions I had on the matter.

Some parents, however, will not answer the questions their children ask.

I'm supposed to wait until I graduate before I learn about sex. Graduate from what?

• Mothers for Peace crusade gains attention in Wadena

Mothers for Peace has gained momentum in Wadena, according to Mrs. Sarah Yetter. Angie Brooks' "Call to Women" has been heard by many local coffee groups totaling more than 50 women.

Those who back Mothers for Peace wear an insignia which reads "War is not healthy for children and other living things."

60 years ago

Excerpts from the May 10, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• Lives to tell story: Recalls saying 'Ouch' as lightning bolt strikes him

In the sharp electrical storm Tuesday evening, May 1, Roy Prettyman at his farm home five miles northeast of here, was struck by lightning and lived to tell about it.

He had gone to the basement of his home to build a furnace fire, and was sitting on a steel stool waiting for the fire to catch when the lightning struck. He stated that he saw the lightning enter an open basement window and race across the floor.

"It looked like white burning sand running across the floor, and little white sparks were flying from it," commented Prettyman. He went on to say that it all happened so fast, and it took him so by surprise, he couldn't get out of the way.

When the bolt of lightning reached him, he said, "There was a terrific explosion, and a blinding flash of white light. I was thrown from the stool, but I can recall saying 'ouch,' because I was burned - then I was momentarily knocked out. When I regained consciousness, I couldn't recall where I was at. Everything was pitch black as the lightning had put out the lights."

From the burn marks on his body, it appears as though the bolt of lightning had struck him on the left foot first. It then traveled up the leg and left side of the body on the back to the shoulder, then down the left arm to about the wrist, and then the charge apparently arced across to the metal stool he was sitting on, and followed the stool on down to the floor.