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A visit from Ruby at Fair Oaks

I was pleased to hear Ruby's story as this is the first one I have written about a nurse who lived in the staff house while she worked here. The staff house is a beautiful building filled with large airy rooms on two floors that housed staff before snowmobiles made going places in winter easier.

The rooms are large, with high ceilings, two fireplaces and wide windows. They housed a full complement of nurses, kitchen help and a maintenance man licensed to run the two huge boilers. Shady Lane was equipped to function without outside help in any blizzard.

Ruby was born in Wesley Hospital in Wadena to Edwin and May Borg in 1944. She graduated from high school in Sebeka. One of her first jobs was as a nurse at Shady Lane Nursing Home where she learned on the job.

Ruby recalled working long hours. She said there was no activity department or therapy programs as all a nursing home was meant to provide a resident was to be kept clean, fed and housed. Then the importance of keeping the mind occupied, of physical therapies, and more departments were added. She worked there almost four years.

Another interesting memory of those years was that the area around Shady Lane must have been right to grow mushrooms because they were in every dish in abundance. Attractive Halloween decorations were squash, pumpkins and gourds arranged in the halls from Shady Lane gardens.

Ruby likes to keep busy which accounts for the attractive tea towels she turns out one after the other. She also likes to read.

Now that her therapy treatments are over she will be back in her neat apartment in Staples by the time you read this.

We are pleased Ruby's agenda included time spent under our big roof.