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Namedropper: Linda Ness

• The Northern Tier Transit Partnership announced that their Safe Driver Award for 2010 has been awarded to Linda Ness. She is a professional driver for Friendly Rider Transit. George Behl, manager of Friendly Rider Transit, recommended her for this award. Behl recommended her for the award based on the criteria established by the NTT Partnership. Linda Ness is in her third year with Friendly Rider.

The Northern Tier Transit Partnership is made up of public transit providers in Northern Minnesota. The Partnership meets quarterly to discuss issues and problems relating to public transit in greater Minnesota.

Keven Anderson of MnDOT stated that drivers from Friendly Rider Transit are among more than 20 public transit drivers to be awarded a safe driver award in Northern Minnesota for 2010.

Public transit drivers in greater Minnesota are faced with a variety of road conditions and any driver earning this award has set an example of professionalism that reflects great credit on their driving skills and professional competence.

Drivers from Friendly Rider and Rainbow Rider Public Transits were also recipients of this award for 2010.