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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the April, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• What up now? Kids create own lingo

No bluffing, high school students sling sweet slang.

Dawn Lundstrom, WDC 12th-grader, likes to use the word "awesome."

"I tell everyone they're awesome," she said. "That's like the '80s coming back in."

Dexter Jensen, 10th-grader, said his parents, or parental units as some kids call them, don't understand a lot of the words he and his friends use.

His friends will use "newb" for someone being new at something, "p-wned" (pronounced powned) if a person lost at something and "what a do?" to say "what's up?"

• County part of incinerator settlement

Wadena County will receive money from a settlement agreement with the former manager of the Perham incinerator.

Wadena, Todd and Otter Tail counties and the city of Perham sued Barlow Projects Inc., former manager of Perham incinerator, claiming each county incurred damages. Wadena is part of a collaboration with other entities that burn waste at the incinerator.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the April 12, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Inspirations changes locations

Inspirations in Wadena is not an elite store just for devout Christians. Manager Sue Mohs said their goal is to open their doors to everyone.

According to Mohs, Inspirations will move across the street to 209 South Jefferson where Main Street Clothing used to be.

It's a better location and will provide more room for the store's ever-expanding inventory, she said.

• Tropical tanning salon opens

Currie RCA TV and Whirlpool Appliance has added a new fixture, or rather three new fixtures. Along with their television and appliance sales, their video and game rentals, and the JCPenney catalog store, they now offer a three-bed tanning salon.

Bob and Joan Lieberg, owners, decided to go with three beds, each in a private room and each with a Cybertech Sundash 2 model tanning bed.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the April 8, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• WAVTI offers programs for non-traditional students

Kathy Berry, Jyll Sollom and Rita Hines. Three women who attend the Wadena Area Vocational Technical Institute. People would assume they would be enrolled in classes like cosmetology, medical secretary or bookkeeping. But these three are actually in telecommunications electronics II (Rita); electrical lineworkers (Kathy); and construction electrician (Jyll).

They are in a category called "non-traditional students," and were part of a Saturday workshop held recently at the WAVTI, attended by 18 other "non-traditionals." The workshop, which was facilitated by Jim Kraemer, is part of a grant that Wadena AVTI received for non-traditional programs.

• Wadena-Staples Highway 10 completion date set

Wadena, Verndale, Aldrich, Staples and Motley residents attending a Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) public hearing at Staples last week got their first detailed look at plans for the construction of a new Highway 10 between Wadena and Staples.

The 18-mile stretch of 10 has been in the planning stages since early 1960 and unless funding sources evaporate because of the present economy or Gramm-Rudman, Wadena will have a four-lane by 1989.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the April 8, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• Teacher negotiation council questions salary procedure

The Teachers' Negotiating Council feel the public should be informed as to why the teachers question the board's decision to give local teachers only a $100 raise and deny the existence of any salary schedule.

The plight of the taxpayer is certainly something about which to be concerned, but isn't there a danger of over-reacting to a vocal segment of the community? Are the majority of the local taxpayers willing to run the risk of sacrificing a balanced, quality education?

• Wipe Out Cancer In Your Lifetime is ACS crusade theme

With emphasis on the theme We Want To Wipe Out Cancer In Your Lifetime, the Wadena County Unit of the American Cancer Society is launching its annual educational and fundraising drive on April 13 to May 3.

April has been set aside once again as Cancer Control Month by Congress, by the president and by the governor of Minnesota.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the April 12, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• Minneapolis Lakers to be here Tuesday

The biggest basketball attraction in Wadena history will hit here Tuesday night, April 17, when the Minneapolis Lakers will play here in a regulation game. Opponents to the three-time World Champion Lakers will be an All-Star team. As though this attraction wasn't large enough to entertain fans, the Wadena Jaycees, sponsoring the event, have secured one of the most outstanding independent quints in the state, Norcross, to meet the Wadena Jaycees in the preliminary.

• Importance of high school education seen by parents

It is encouraging to educators and to all persons interested in the future well-being of our young people that the people of Wadena County have, in recent years, come to realize the importance of a high school education.

Not many years ago high schools were operated almost solely to train young people for the professions. Little, if any, thought was given to training pupils for living and for citizenship ... People have come to realize that at least a high school education is a necessity in every walk of life.