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Public Notice

SECTION 00 11 10





A. From: Kraus-Anderson Construction

Company acting on behalf of Wadena-Deer

Creek Schools.

B. Project: Wadena-Deer Creek Middle

School / High School - BP#1 Structure and


C. Key Dates:

1. Bid Due Date: Thursday, April 28

2011, at 2:00 pm local time.

2. Pre-Bid Conference: Monday, April

18, 2011, at 2:00 pm at Wadena-Deer Creek

Elementary School, 215 Southwest Colfax

Avenue, Wadena, MN 56482

3. Cut Off Date for Questions and Inter-

pretations: Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 2:00


D. Method of Delivery: Kraus-Anderson

Construction Company has been selected as

an Agency Construction Manager by Wade-

na-Deer Creek Schools to administer the

construction of the Wadena-Deer Creek Mid-

dle School / High School at Wadena, Minne-


1. The overall project consists of a new

High School and Middle School including

classrooms, offices, kitchen, gymnasium and

fitness with a combined area of approximate-

ly 174,500 square feet. BP#1 - Structure

and Sitework consists of below grade and

above grade structure including masonry,

concrete, and steel; Sitework consisting of all

earthwork, site utilities, geo thermal wells,

site lighting, asphalt and concrete paving,

and landscaping.

2. The work will be constructed in one

(1) phase in accordance with the Project

Schedule. The project will be bid in multiple

Bid Packages over the next 3 months.

E. Work Included in this Offering: We

are presently soliciting competitive "Prime

Contract Bids" for the following portions of

work as defined herein.

1. All portions of the Work as defined in

Section 01 12 10.

F. Previously Issued Work: The follow-

ing portions of Work have already been bid

and awarded:

1. Building Demolition and Hazardous

Material Removal

G. Future Work: The following portions

of Work are anticipated to be issued at a lat-

er date:

1. Exterior Envelope

2. Interior Finishes

3. Kitchen Equipment

4. Elevator

5. Mechanical

6. Electrical

H. Bid Date and Location: Sealed bids

will be received at Wadena-Deer Creek

Schools, 215 Southwest Colfax Avenue,

Wadena, MN 56482, then publicly opened

and read aloud. Bids will be received until

2:00 pm local time, on Thursday April 28,


I. Bid Security: Each bid shall be ac-

companied by Bid Security in form of certi-

fied check, cashier's check or bid bond in

amount of five (5) percent of Base Bid sub-

mitted, made payable to Owner, as guaran-

tee that Bidder will, if awarded, enter into

Contract in accordance with Contract Docu-

ments and submitted Bid.



A. Questions shall be submitted to

Kraus-Anderson Construction Company at

the address below on or before the date indi-

cated above.

Chad Rettke

Kraus-Anderson Construction


8625 Rendova Street N.E.

P. O. Box 158

Circle Pines, MN 55014

Phone: 763-786-7711



A. Location for Review and Examina-

tion: Bidding Documents (Project Manual,

Drawings, and other Contract Documents)

are available at the locations indicated below

for review and examination:

1. Offices of the Construction Manager

Kraus-Anderson Construction


8625 Rendova Street N.E.

P. O. Box 158

Circle Pines, MN 55014

Phone: 763-786-7711

2. Builder's Exchanges and planrooms

Minneapolis Builders Exchange

1123 Glenwood Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55405

Phone: 612-381-2620

Builders Exchange of St. Paul

445 Farrington Street

St. Paul, MN 55103

Phone: 651-224-7545

Duluth Builders Exchange

802 Garfield Avenue

Duluth, MN 55802

Phone: 218-722-2836

McGraw-Hill Planroom

7160 Blaine Avenue East

Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Phone: 651-528-8872

Reed Construction Document


30 Technology Parkway South

Norcross, GA 30092

Phone: 800-424-3996

St. Cloud Builders Exchange

110 Sixth Avenue South

St. Cloud, MN 56301

Phone: 320-252-5832

MEDA/IsqFt Plan Room

c/o Franz Reprographics, Inc.

2781 Freeway Blvd #100

Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Phone: 763-503-9335

Fargo-Moorhead Builders Exchange

1010 Page Drive

Fargo, ND 58103

Phone: 701-237-6772

B. On-line via Franz Reprographics

Website: Free electronic downloads are

available by visiting

From the homepage, select "Kraus-Ander-

son Planrooms", then "Minnesota". After

registration, select "Order Full Set". You

must complete the checkout process, select-

ing "electronic delivery" for the delivery meth-

od. After checkout, you will receive an email

from with a link to

the downloadable files.

C. Hard Copy Documents - with Depos-

it: Document Sets are available upon depos-

it of $250 per set, and a non-refundable

shipping and handling fee of $50 per set.

Deposit will be refunded if documents are re-

turned to Kraus-Anderson Construction

Company in good condition, within 10 days

after Bid Opening, and "Planholder" has sub-

mitted a Bid

D. Hard Copy Documents for Purchase:

Documents (complete sets only) may be pur-

chased directly from Franz Reprographics.

1. Process for purchasing full or partial

sets of Bidding Documents: Bidders, Sub-

contractors and others may obtain non-re-

fundable additional sets or partial sets of Bid-

ding Documents by ordering from and paying

directly to Franz Reprographics.

2. Printer and Kraus-Anderson will not

be responsible for notifying individual parties

who obtained documents when Addenda are


E. Examination of Documents: Bidder

shall carefully examine entire content of Bid-

ding Documents to become thoroughly famil-

iar with the documents and project require-

ments. Refer to Instructions to Bidders for

additional requirements.

F. Examination of the Site: Bidders

shall make arrangements with the Construc-

tion Manager to visit the project site to obtain

first-hand knowledge of existing conditions,

including existing utilities and services, ob-

stacles which may be encountered and all

other conditions relative to the Work to be



A. Bidder's Qualifications: Refer to In-

structions to Bidders and Bid Form for re-

quirements regarding Bidder's Qualifications

and Pre-qualification Procedures. Kraus-An-

derson, on behalf of the owner, reserves the

right to request additional information to clar-

ify the Bidder's financial capability, technical

experience, ability to successfully staff pro-

ject, and comply with safety and employment


B. Time of Completion: Refer to Sec-

tion 01 32 00 - Bids shall reflect all costs

necessary to meet this schedule require-


C. Owner's Right to Reject Bids: Owner

reserves the right to reject a Bid which is in

any way incomplete or irregular or to waive

informalities or irregularities in a Bid re-

ceived, and accept a Bid, which in the Own-

er's judgment is in the Owner's best inter-


D. Prevailing Wage: Each contractor

and subcontractor, having submitted a bid on

this project certifies that it will abide with all

Prevailing wage regulations per Section 00

73 43.

E. Additional Compensation: Contrac-

tors shall not receive extra payments for con-

ditions which can be determined by examin-

ing the site and the Contract Documents.

92260-1234004 4/9-4/16