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Slow melt saved Wadena County from severe flooding

While the Minnesota River Valley and the Red River Valley are in the midst of flood problems, Wadena County seems to have lucked out, a local official said.

County Emergency Manager Scott McKellep said the local flood outlook is much better than originally anticipated.

Leaf River, Red Eye River and Crow Wing River aren't anything out of the normal spring levels, he said.

Will the rivers be rising any further?

"It's hard to tell because our rivers aren't gauged by the Weather Service, so we're kind of on our own to make our own judgments. And I do anticipate that we will have some rise, but it's just a little bit early to tell if there's going to be any problems," McKellep said. "I don't anticipate anything out of the ordinary."

Earlier, they had anticipated the possibility of more serious flooding.

However, McKellep said, the slow melt has helped.

"A nice melting during the day, and then the re-freezing and even close to freezing at night, kind of slow things down as far as melt," McKellep said. "We've had good luck with that so far."

He said they did not have the snowfall and snow pack of other areas of Minnesota that have more trouble.

In case anyone might feel they need sandbags, McKellep said, they responsible for that on their own.

The county maintains a sandbag vendor list at its website,

People can also call the sheriff's office at (218) 631-7600.