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Flamenco dance, music show coming Sunday

The Deborah Elias-Danza Espanola flamenco dance and music show will visit the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 3.

This program brings the trilogy of traditional flamenco - dance, guitar, and song - together for a magical afternoon of pure flamenco. Special guest singers La Conja and Vicente Griego will join in from New York City and Albuquerque to share the powerful flamenco singing that is the foundation of the flamenco art form - singing so difficult and unique it is rarely heard in the Midwest. Joined with the heart-pounding footwork and graceful movements of leading dancer Deborah Elias and Colette Illarde, and the soulful chords of guitarist Trevor May, the program will present flamenco from the most serious cante jondo (deep song), to the light-hearted cante chico. This program will give audiences an exceptional opportunity to experience the strength and beauty of traditional flamenco in its full glory.

Tickets are $12 advance sale and $15 day of the concert and may be reserved by telephone at 218-385-3339. Links to the Danza Espanola website at