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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the March 30, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Soldiers coping after return home

Sometimes it seems to Ken Schmitz that the year he spent in Iraq was removed or set aside from the rest of his life.

"I'll talk about something I did last summer but it was really two summers ago," he said.

More than three months after soldiers returned from service in Iraq, some, like Schmitz have made a fairly smooth transition back to family life.

• Local officials prepare for bird flu

Local authorities are working with state and federal authorities to prepare for a possible bird flu pandemic.

Avian flu is a strain of flu that has infected birds. In some cases in Asian countries, the bird flu has spread to humans through direct contact with birds. So far, the virus hasn't spread between humans, but the fear is the virus will evolve and eventually spread from human to human, [Karen] Nelson said.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the April 5, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• From cold storage to hot sausage

This spring one of Wadena's earliest landmarks, the old Monarch Ice Cream plant, will be torn down. When the dust settles a German meat market will rise in its place on the corner of U.S. Highways 10 and 71.

The ice cream factory enjoyed a rich, flavorful history from 1907 to 1973 when the business closed. Since then it's housed several shops including a furniture store and, most recently, the Corner Crafts store.

• Pop in schools is big time bad news

Doing the dew may be a sweet proposition for today's pop-culture, but officials say teens are dewing it a bit too much, and it's having a negative effect on their health.

From Mountain Dew, to Pepsi-Cola to Coca-Cola, teens are reportedly chugging three times more pop than 20 years ago.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the April 1, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• DNR honors 38 fire wardens for 728 years of service

Thirty-eight Wadena county fire wardens were honored last Monday night for a total of 728 years of fire warden experience at a banquet served at Nimrod Lutheran church.

District Forester Mike Haasken recognized the volunteer efforts of these faithful wardens who attended the annual dinner and presented 10-, 15-, 25-, 30-, 40- and 45-year service awards.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the April 1, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• After 66 years, Verndale Co-op Creamery closes

A part of Verndale's early history as an agricultural body ends today (Thursday) April 1, 1971.

• From a letter to the editor by William Marquardt

As I sit in my little world

And think of modern, American society -

I see two factions in direct opposition to each other.

On one hand, the establishment - of which, law enforcement and military organizations are a small part.

On the other, I see the radical-revolutionary subculture.

Revolutionaries, from my understanding of them, tend to look at all authority and power, particularly the Civil Service and the militaristic portion of the establishment, as a Fascist-oriented corporation whose sole aim is to persecute the youth of America.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the April 5, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• Hazel Walker's all-girl team plays Independents tonight

Opening the season last fall by playing host to a traveling team, the Wadena Independents will close the season tonight (Thursday, April 5) by playing host to another traveling team. In the final fling, the Independents, playing under the Jaycee banner, play host to Hazel Walker and her Arkansas Travelers, all-girl team. Game time will be 8 p.m., at Memorial auditorium. There will be no preliminary.

The visiting quint comes well-recommended in sound, fundamental basketball, as well as being capable of putting on an entertaining show.

• Civil defense: A-Bomb not only home danger we must be on guard against

With an enemy which places no value whatever upon the lives of individuals, which has no moral scruples as we know them, an atomic bomb is not the only peril faced by the American people in an all-out war with Russia.

Biological warfare against people and against animals is one of these perils. This sort of warfare which can spread a wide variety of disease including a number of viruses, rickettisae, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and soluble toxins, may be waged from within by sabotage, or from without by enemy planes and can be disseminated through a variety of media, chief of which are food, air and water.