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LHS expands respiratory and sleep services department

Lakewood's Respiratory and Sleep Services Team: (Right to Left) Barb Bjerketvedt (RT), Kirsten Smith (RCP, FFSE), Megan Dolezal (RT), Mitch Billman (RT), Ally Maneval (RT) and Steph Japke (RN).

Lakewood Health System announces the addition of respiratory therapists Barb Bjerketvedt, Mitch Billman, Megan Dolezal and Ally Maneval to its expanding Respiratory and Sleep Services Department.

Kirsten Smith, director of respiratory and sleep services at Lakewood, says the added staff will enable the department to increase its hours and enhanced inpatient/outpatient services, providing respiratory services on a larger scale.

Prior to joining Lakewood, Bjerketvedt was at University of Minnesota-Fairview Hospital. Billman was with St. Joseph's Medical Center in Brainerd, Dolezal was at Douglas County Hospital of Alexandria, and Maneval was with Arrowhead Medical in Duluth and continues to partner with Triumph Hospital in Fargo.

"We're pleased that our added staffing will allow us to provide enhanced services," Smith said. "We know there's a need and we're excited to get started."

For more information, call Kirsten Smith, director of respiratory and sleep services, at (218) 894-8806.