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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the March 23, 2006 Pioneer Journal

• Computer games part of college curriculum

For some college students, class means setting up computer games for high school kids.

Students in a computer and network technology class at the Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Wadena campus are planning a computer game tournament.

• Center project gains support

The Wadena City Council and Wadena-Deer Creek School Board have pledged support for a proposed Community Center expansion and will form a joint powers committee to discuss how to move forward with the project.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the March 29, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• Kids are knocking themselves out

Since a Verndale seventh-grader huffed and puffed his way to passing out in study hall last week, area schools are warning students that this is no game. It could kill them.

The 13-year-old hyperventilated by breathing rapidly, then had another student squeeze his carotid artery until he collapsed, said Verndale Principal Dean Krogstad.

"It's unbelievable that they tried to do this in school," said Krogstad.

• Lund Boats executive charged

A longtime employee of the Lund Boat Co. of New York Mills is accused in Otter Tail County District Court of illegally diverting more than $1.8 million in company funds.

Gary D. Schultz, 50, was charged Monday with two counts of theft.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the March 25, 1986 Pioneer Journal

• From Business Bits by Greg Collins

Last week after coming home to a late supper the three boys all came running and yelled in unison ... "Do you want some Nerds, Dad?" Of course, my first thought is, "what in the world is a box of Nerds?"

Nerds was a popular phrase back in the late '60s and is on the way back and you can't have a popular saying around without naming candy after it these days.

• New Development Authority formed

The chairman of Wadena's three-year-old Development Council, farmer Steve Toth, announced today that the council is dissolving and he will be asking the Wadena City Council to transfer its motions to the newly formed Wadena Development Authority (WDA).

40 years ago

Excerpts from the March 25, 1971 Pioneer Journal

• BN Passenger Service may end here May 1

Passenger service on the Burlington Northern Railroad may end here as early as May 1, 1971, according to an announcement made Monday in Washington, D.C.

Under the proposed new schedule passenger service on the Burlington Northern from the Twin Cities via Staples, Wadena and Detroit Lakes will expire.

Under the new schedule one passenger train will be running daily through the Twin Cities going each direction on a route between Chicago, Ill. and Seattle, Wash.

• Adolescence for Adults meeting scheduled Mar. 30

A reminder of the second Adolescence for Adults meeting to be held in the courthouse auditorium Tuesday, March 30 at 8 p.m.

The meeting will consist of showing the film, "I Just Don't Dig Him," involving conflicts between a father and his teenage son.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the March 29, 1951 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena Cafe toilet room gets bombed

It was a good bomb - but it was no fun to have to clean up the debris, and on the other hand it was better than having Pa find it out, is the thought of one Wadena youngster.

About 5 o'clock Thursday afternoon during the quiet hour of the cafes, Gene Reger, cook at the Wadena cafe, saw two youngsters come into the cafe, with one of them going into the toilet room. Moments later he came from the room, and left.

All wasn't quiet for long - a loud blast came from the toilet room that brought the several customers in the cafe to their feet, and cook Reger on the run. First, a survey of the toilet room was made, with smouldering paper littering the room. Reger then hurried to the front door, and saw the youngster who had been in the toilet room sauntering along about a block away.

Getting into his parked car, Reger caught up with the youngster who was by that time about two blocks from the cafe. At first the youth denied he knew anything of the affair, but when Reger told him to get into the car, and they would talk to his dad, that was something different.

"Don't do that, I'll come back and clean up the place." He did - to the last bit of burned paper that could be found, plus a little bit of firecracker.

In serenity, Reger returned to work preparing customers' supper meals.