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Craft group a satisfying activity

Photo by Ethelyn Pearson Fair Oaks resident Ethel Huntington gets some direction from aide Sharon Keranen during craft time.

On craft day at Fair Oaks Lodge, you will find a couple of dozen Fair Oaks folks gathered around tables in the dining room busily making some colorful object for their room, to put on their doors, or wear. They are the craft group, headed by Deloris Cunningham, who 8 years ago saw the need and decided to help. She chooses what item will be made each winter month.

Special days in each month are recognized, such as Valentines in February. Mary Langor also saw a place she was needed to and came seven years ago. Others also come to help on a regular basis as much as possible. Craft kits are colorful, fairly easy to make, and come ready to put together.

Even so, in each kit, there is a step or two that failing eyesight or arthritic hands need a bit of help with. This is when the craft lady steps in to lend a hand. After a satisfying hour of one-on-one visiting during the process, a lunch is served, and the residents are ready to return to their rooms.

This fine activity, where beside the satisfaction of making something meaningful, sincere friendships also develop wherein only acquaintances become friends.

If you have an hour a month to spare, when nothing is asked of you other than to come, joining this group of crafters may prove to be a plus. Call either the Activities Department at Fair Oaks Lodge or Deloris Cunningham.

Irene Macho is the craft groups in-resident helper. Irene retired from her job in Minneapolis after working more than a dozen years as a physical therapist. She knows how important it is for a resident to feel they are capable of making something. Seeing residents working at an item for their rooms or to give away is rewarding. Irene has been a resident for five years but came out to work with crafts before that, when her husband was here. In all, Irene thinks she has been part of a group for 18 years.

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