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Public Notice

Public Notice

Wadena-Deer Creek School District

Meeting summaries for

January 10, 18, 25, February 22, 2011.

January 10, 2011 Special Board Meeting:

all board members present. The induction of

re-elected board members Moenkedick, Pate

and Perkins took place. Ann Pate was elect-

ed board chairperson, John Moenkedick for

the office of vice chair, Dan Toedter for the

office of clerk, Wayne Perkins for the office

of treasurer. The 2011 regularly monthly

meetings time will change from 5:00 p.m to

6:30 pm, starting in July. All Meetings are on

the third Monday except for holidays during

January and February. The First National

Bank of Wadena and Wadena State Bank

are the official depositories. The Board au-

thorized Business Manager and Senior Ac-

counting Clerk to perform financial transac-

tions, wire transfers, and investments on be-

half of the school district per MS 471.38,

Subd.3 The Wadena Pioneer Journal was

approved as the official 2011 ISD No. 2155

publication. Elementary principal, Louis Rut-

ten, was appointed as the official representa-

tive and contact person for Title I, Title II, Ti-

tle VI and all other Federal Programs. Board

affiliated 2011 compensation rates were ap-

proved at the same rate as 2010. All board

committee assignments were discussed and

organized for 2011-12. A superintendent

contract was discussed. The meeting was

closed for labor negotiations for all district


January 18, 2011 Regular Board of

Education Meeting; all board members

present. The Board approved the following:

Todd Hale's resignation as junior high soft-

ball coach; Collette Stevens as part-time

cook at Deer Creek School; Sara Carpenter

as education assistant for special education;

Miranda Nelson as secondary math teacher;

and approve the STEM technology position.

Business Manager Jerry Anderson reviewed

the finance reports of which were approved.

The target amount of $236,000 for reducing

the 2011-2012 budget was set by the board.

The board discussed the square footage of

the proposed new school: total square foot-

age of 167,203; walking track at 7,515; plus

health room and wrestling space, auxiliary

gym/E4 reinforced; combined administra-

tion/DO offices; and two-story high school

and middle school, 5-12. Kraus-Anderson's

Chad Rettke explained the process of best-

value contracts. The 2011-12 school calen-

dar and the extension of the M-State lease

contract for the 55 acres were both ap-

proved. The board discussed the superin-

tendent's contract. The meeting was closed

for labor negotiations.

January 25, 2011 Special Board of

Education Meeting; all board members

present. On behalf of the board, Chair Pate

recognized the paraprofessionals and their

contributions to WDC schools and students

in acknowledgment of "Paraprofessional

Recognition Week," Jan. 24-28. Darick Carl-

son, representative for the Area Builders

Trade Union, asked the board to consider

hiring local contractors and skilled laborers

for the construction of the new school. The

board agreed to the following construction

design with Perkins+Will on Jan. 12, 2011: 1.

Board decided to incorporate the Walking

Track on the second floor, with Weights, Fit-

ness and Wrestling Rooms at Walking Track

Level. 2. To replace the Auxiliary Gym with

a Walking Track. This change increases the

total gross square footage by 1,515 sf. The

addition of the Wrestling Room at 4,500

square footage brings total building area

over the agreed upon total building square

footage of 168,000 to 174,015. 3. The in-

crease in building area will affect total project

cost. The Board directed Perkins+Will to de-

velop the design, including the expanded

scope. 4. Bleacher seating in Gym will be

designed to hold 1,600. The walking track

and chairs will add more viewing space/seat-

ing. 5. Loading dock to be at raised truck

height, ramp to floor level to occur inside

building. 6. The Board decided to proceed

with the Auxiliary gym as an alternate space

contingent on funding. 7. The Board agrees

to pursue mitigation funding for a 6,656

square footage auxiliary gym. This will be a

storm/E4 emergency shelter for students and

community members. 8. The 5-12 academ-

ic wing of the new facility will be two-story,

non-flat roof design. 9. To date, there are

no common spaces planned with the com-

munity center. Dialogue will continue with

the wellness committee and city as to shared

possibilities such as parking, lighting, walk-

ing, and geothermal heating/cooling. 10.

The board will not pursue state bonding for

the 2011 legislative session. 11. The board

will work with Perkins+Will and Kraus-Ander-

son Construction Company to support the

scheduled timeline to open the new facility

for WDC students, September 2012. The

board agreed to put on hold the reduction

budget process with administrators and staff,

contingent on the sale of the M-State land

and retirements to offset the majority of the

$236,000 in projected cuts. The meeting

was closed for labor negotiations. The board

discussed the superintendent's contract,

when the meeting reconvened, and put to-

gether a two-year contract.

February 22, 2011 Regular Board of

Education Meeting, all members present. On

behalf of the community and WDC staff, Su-

perintendent Dahlstrom recognized the

school board and their contributions to WDC

schools, students and the community in ac-

knowledgment of "School Board Recognition

Week," Feb. 21-24. The following personnel

items were approved: Retirements, Marcy

Collins, Carol Schachtschneider, Darla

Krause, Sandra Friedrich, Chris Lane, Linda

Macklanburg, Lynette Finnern, Carol Sow-

ers; Resignation, Jim Formanek; Child Care

Leave: Keith Ferris and Sheri Nyhus; Ac-

tivities: Marc Reynolds, assistant track; Terry

Olson, head track; and Luke Sturm, junior

high softball; and a 3-year commitment for

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,

Math) position. The board also agreed to

proceed with the approval of physicals for

support staff as part of the school's wellness

program. Business Manager Anderson re-

ported on the finance, receipts and disburse-

ments, and, the Seniority List for WDC staff

of which both items were approved. The

board agreed to an extension of one month

on the 55-acre lease for M-State. The board

heard the following Capital Requests for

2011-12 school year from the Elementary

School, the Grounds Department, the Trans-

portation Department and the Technology

Department. Wadena State Bank represen-

tatives Gary Orcutt and Karen O'Flanigan

provided information on HSA accounts to the

school board. Freshwater Education menu

options for 2011-12 were approved. Kraus-

Anderson representative Chad Rettke and

Perkins+Will architect Steve Miller both gave

updates on the school building project.

Board members decided on the posting of

the Human Resources/Payroll/Bookkeeping

position. Chair Pate recognized Marcy Col-

lins for her years of service in that position

and her dedication to the school district. Ap-

proval was made to extend the lease agree-

ment and for additional space for Industrial

Arts. Authorization was made for hazard

mitigation funding for the additional

Gym/Emergency Shelter. Board members

and the superintendent reported on commit-

tee meetings and events they attended over

the last month. The board discussed the su-

perintendent's contract and agreed upon a

revised two-year contract. The meeting was

closed to discuss personnel issues, of which

no action was taken.

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