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Court records: DNA evidence points to 22-year-old in Menahga break in

A 22-year-old man was charged Feb. 28 with computer theft and third-degree burglary for entering a business in Menahga in 2009 and allegedly taking laptop computers and other items.

On Nov. 13, 2009, Menahga police investigated the break-in and found a window where the suspect had entered. An investigator discovered fresh blood in several places in the building, and took swabs of the fluid, court records said.

Employees determined two laptop computers, a postage scale, blank checks and a key to the building were missing. The value of the missing items was determined to be more than $2,500, court documents said.

Police reviewed surveillance camera footage and later identified the suspect as Tyler Scott Wilmes.

In December 2010, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension informed Menahga police that the blood provided voluntarily by Wilmes was a match to blood inside the burglarized business, according to court records.

Wilmes told police he may have been involved in the incident, but he had been drinking and didn't remember the night well, court records said.

A first court appearance was set for March 21.