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City discusses Complete Streets, fuel bids

The Wadena City Council looked at a couple of transportation issues, taking no action.

Wadena County Commissioner Bill Stearns, who is on the Association of Minnesota Counties Transportation Policy Committee and the Complete Streets Advisory Committee, said Complete Streets had come to the forefront in the last couple of years.

"There's a Complete Streets advocacy group that wants a lot of the rules changed," he said.

Stearns said that there were grants for studies to assess street design, and U.S. Highway 10 could use an upgrade.

"There's only three accesses from the south part of town to the north part of town," he said, adding that pedestrians, bicyclists and wheelchair users only had three places to cross.

"There's no shoulders on [Minnesota Highway 29] and it's a highly dangerous situation," he said.

Stearns said they could talk again in mid-April after communicating with various groups.

Fuel proposals were another issue.

City Administrator Brad Swenson said that Stigman Oil had given up business with the city, and the city subsequently agreed to use Stoneman Oil when the only other bidder, Leaf River Ag, only offered bulk sales. However, Stoneman quit selling fuel afterward.

Swenson said that Ryan Hunke of Stigman Oil offered to do business again with the city, but at pump price.

Council member Kay Browne said it would make sense to check with Leaf River Ag again.

Stearns said that Wadena County uses ComData.