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Inaugural meeting of the Jefferson Highway Association set for March 19

Leisure travelers and history buffs take note: the inaugural meeting of a new Jefferson Highway Association will be held Saturday, March 19 in Lee's Summit, Mo.

The Jefferson Highway, also known as the Pine to Palm Highway from 1915 until 1929, is fast becoming a tourist destination and one of the most important historic highways on the North American continent. Running between Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and New Orleans, La., and through Wadena, this highway ran 2,300 miles down the middle of the continent well before there was a Route 66 or any other numbered highway. Traveling through eight states and a province, this true icon of automobile history also ran through your town, and it still does.

Over the years many individuals, historic societies and museums along the way have kept the dream of the Jefferson Highway alive. Recently these same groups and individuals have decided that it is time to re-establish the Pine to Palm Highway as an end to end tourist attraction.

Organizers are looking for individuals, historic societies, tourist organizations, government representatives or anyone who has an interest in advancing the Jefferson Highway as a modern day drive down 2,300 miles of memory lane. They are also looking for people who want to have a good time.

The founding meeting of what will become the new Jefferson Highway Association on March 19 in Lee's Summit, Mo. could be an historic event. For more information see or e-mail Mike Conlin at