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Lakewood Health System employees get 'United For Red'

Photo provided Lakewood Health System employees get "United for Red" in honor of National Heart Month.1 / 4
Lakewood Health System employees get "United for Red" in honor of National Heart Month.2 / 4
Employee Health Nurse, Becky Beckerleg, painted Nola Varilek's nails on February 3 to raise funds in honor of National Heart Month at Lakewood Health System.3 / 4
Clinical Director of Acute Care Services Jon Willgohs gets into the spirit of United for Red Day as he puts the final touches on Gayle Christensen's red nails.4 / 4

In honor of National Heart Month, Lakewood Health System held United For Red Day on Thursday February 3rd to raise funds for underserved patients in need of heart health assessments.

Employees wore red clothing and accessories and donated money to have their fingernails painted - red, of course. A total of $275 was raised, which will benefit Lakewood's Women at Heart program, a collaborative effort between Lakewood Health System and Central Minnesota Heart.

Women At Heart clinics are held bi-monthly at Lakewood's Staples clinic. The next session will take place on Thursday, Feb. 17. Each session includes professional consultations, a cardiac examination, risk assessments, and professional support for goal-setting and overall progress toward improved heart health.

The money raised on United For Red Day will assist women interested in participating in Women At Heart.

For more information, contact Nola Varilek, women's health coordinator, at (218) 894-8586. To register for a Women At Heart session, call Lakewood's scheduling staff at (218) 894-8486.