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New activities director joins Fair Oaks

Welcome, 2011, what more can we say? 2010 was a fair to middling year for some, a year they wish had never happened and will be hard to recover from for others.

Again, this year I thank God for the privilege of working with and writing for the fine folks under our big roof at Fair Oaks Lodge as well as community. Those at the Pioneer Journal are a great crew to be around and work for.

I was hoping for a new left knee for Christmas but it didn't happen. As for trips, the only place I still want to go is to jail. You read it correctly, I said "jail."

My reason is the same as the guy who said he robbed banks because that's where the money was. Well, I want to go to jail because that's where the stories are. There has to be a story or he/she wouldn't be there, right?

Interviewing the culprit in the cell next to mine would be heavenly. Just think, no telephones to interrupt, nobody at the door, no kids running in and out, a perfect setting for an ideal interview.

The problem is that in order for it to work I've got to get in jail. Every time I get close to being incarcerated the gendarme is flooded with compassion and turns the poor old thing (me) loose. I don't even get to walk the white line. When cruising around Verndale didn't get me picked up, even rodding down U.S. Highway 10 at a reckless 61 mph, I gave up.

I would like to remind law enforcement that putting off throwing me in the clink is going to cost the county money. If they wait much longer they may have to give me a cell big enough to accommodate a wheelchair. I might require pureed food, need an extra blanket, even want the cell closest to the restroom because I'll be 90 in a couple of months, wouldn't you know it?

A definite plus for the coming year and hopefully many to follow is having Lisa Thomas come on board as the new activities director at Fair Oaks Lodge.

Lisa was born in Waseca, in 1987, to Brian and Judy Thomas. Brian is an electrician and Judy is a nurse. After high school, Lisa headed to the Minnesota State University in Winona, coming away with a solid four-year degree in therapeutic recreation in her pocket.

Lisa plans to be working on increasing the evening and weekend activity schedule at Fair Oaks Lodge. She also looks forward to working with and increasing the volunteer roster.

Lisa has relatives and friends in the Wadena area. She is a Twins fan.

Then Lisa said what I had been waiting to hear. She said: "I've always searched out older folks, found them interesting. While in both high school and college I worked many volunteer hours at the big St. Ann's Nursing Home in Winona. Coming to work for Fair Oaks Lodge was a natural choice for me."

She's a keeper, folks.