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Public Notice Independent School District #2155, School Board Meeting,

Public Notice

Independent School District #2155,

School Board Meeting,

November 15, Dec. 7, Dec. 20, 2010.

The regular meeting of the Board of the In-

dependent School District No. 2155 was

called to order by Vice Chair John Moenke-

dick at 5:00 p.m. Other board members

present: Dan Toedter, Wayne Perkins, Pete

Hayes and Steve Techam. Absent: Ann


Recognition was given by the board to the

following: Elizabeth Miron, 5th grade student

who received recognition by COMPAS for a

story she wrote. State Wrestling Association

recognized WDC wrestling coaches for their

combined 75 years of coaching: Jerry Breid,

Mike Kenney and Peter Hayes. Wadena

Area United Way donation of $1,500 to

school's tornado recovery presented to

school board by Marilyn Twete of United

Way. 2010 State Class 2A championship

volleyball team for a superb performance.

Agenda and board minutes for Oct. 18,

2010 regular meeting and Nov. 8, 2010 spe-

cial meeting were approved. Also approved,

were the resignation of Jayme George, boys'

basketball and baseball coach, to hire Dave

Evans as junior high girls' basketball coach,

and to hire John Paulson as junior varsity

boys' basketball coach, vacation request for

Marcy Collins and leave of absence for Ron-

da Schmitz.

The following financials were approved:

Vendor checks: No. 21628 to 212793 total-

ing $294,990.07, hand payables: No. 13523

to 13546 totaling $35,257.00, tornado ac-

count: No. 1366 to 1469 totaling

$546,833.36. The Perkins+Will contract at

5.5 percent plus LEED silver certification.

The Curriculum, Instruction and Student

Achievement Report (SAR) was discussed

and approved. Mr. Rutten outlined the An-

nual Yearly Progress (AYP) plan for the

2010-2011 school year. First-grade staff re-

quested the purchase of lockers for their

hallway. The board asked Mr. Rutten to re-

search other possible options. Superinten-

dent Dahlstrom gave a report on the FEMA

funds. So far, WDC has received $92,781

from FEMA. The Safety and Health Commit-

tee met recently with few problems present-

ed by committee members.

The Wadena City Council asked the

school board to work together on forming a

joint committee consisting of the city, school,

hospital, and possibly M-State and the

county for the purpose of planning a well-

ness center. The committee members would

research possibilities on collaboration of

space (e.g., joint parking) related to a well-

ness center. The City Council will be writing

a proposal for wellness center funding to be

presented to the Legislature in January.

School board members serving on the joint

committee will be Steve Techam, Dan Toed-

ter and Ann Pate. A motion was made to ad-

journ the board meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Dec. 7, 2010: A special meeting of the

Board of the Independent School District No.

2155 was called to order by Chairperson

Ann Pate at 6:04 p.m. Other board members

present included: Dan Toedter, Wayne Per-

kins, John Moenkedick, Steve Techam and

Pete Hayes.

A motion was made by Techam, seconded

by Toedter to approve the bus storage lease

agreement at the Wadena County Fair-

grounds ($5,500 2010-2011; $10,000

2011-2012). Motion passed.

Discussion took place regarding shared

services with the proposed regional wellness

center. Steve Miller and Ted Rozeboom pre-

sented their view on possible shared sys-

tems versus sharing programs that will add

maintenance or continual lease costs to the

district on a yearly basis. Discussion also

took place regarding WDC's role in future

bonding versus the city of Wadena bonding

through the State of Minnesota for a well-

ness center. Board members reviewed the

next phase of building plans and provided in-

put as to what their collective preference is

with the next design phase. Mechanical and

structural engineers will be engaged in the

next phases of design. The board meeting

adjourned at 7:57 p.m.

December 20, 2010: The regular meeting

of the Board of the Independent School Dis-

trict No. 2155 was called to order by Chair

Ann Pate at 5 p.m. Other board members

present: John Moenkedick, Dan Toedter,

Wayne Perkins, Pete Hayes and Steve Te-

cham. The agenda was approved. Board

minutes for the November 15, 2010 regular

meeting and December 7, 2010 special

meeting were both approved.

The following personnel items were also

approved: Janet Jacobson, request for ex-

tension of vacation; Patty Berg, resignation

as head track coach; Darla Krause, art/edu-

cation memorandum of understanding; Lau-

rie Kopischke-Pulju, from .67 to .75 visual

arts contract for second semester, and the

administrative assistant-bookkeeper-custodi-

al contract for 2009-2011.

A timeline and a resolution directing the

administration to make recommendations, to

include reasons, for reductions in programs,

positions, and material items were reviewed

and approved. Heather Johnson from Carl-

son Highland & Co. reviewed the school

district's audit for 2009-2010. She found no

irregularities and indicated the school district

was in good standing. The school board ap-

proved the 2009-2010 audit. The final

2010-2011 budget, the use of Public Finan-

cial Management as investment advisor for

the school district's construction funds, and

the monthly financials were also approved:

Vendor checks: No. 21797 to 21977 totaling

$337,848.17, Imprest cash: No. 17395 to

17459 totaling $7,769.64, Hand payables:

No. 13547 to 13761 totaling $88,236.67, Tor-

nado account: No. 1470 to 1545 totaling

$284,949.08, Building fund: No. 1848 to

1852 totaling $378,692.71. Business Man-

ager Anderson presented an overview of the

2011 levy limitations and stated the district

levy is down by $203,683.89 or 11.72 per-

cent from the levy certified in the past year.

The levy for 2011 of $1,533,933.43. was ap-

proved. The levy public hearing of the Board

of Independent School District No. 2155 was

called to order by Chair Ann Pate at 6 p.m.

All board members were present. A motion

was made by Techam, seconded by Toed-

ter, to approve the Levy Limitation and Cer-

tification Report. Motion passed. Board

members reported on the meetings they at-

tended over the last month. Superintendent

Dahlstrom reported on current census num-

bers K-12, the budget reduction process,

and gave a FEMA update. To date, WDC

has received $130,000 for reimbursements

from FEMA and the State of Minnesota; ad-

ditional FEMA reimbursement requests

equal $773,358. The board meeting ad-

journed at 6:14 p.m.

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