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Twelfth Night Festival planned in New York Mills

On Wednesday, Jan. 5, St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church in New York Mills will hold its first annual Twelfth Night Festival, celebrating the 12th and final day of Christmas.

The church will resurrect the traditional medieval festival of the Twelfth Night of Christmas, including a juggling fool, minstrels, a bagpiper, trumpeting heralds, a catered dinner of pork loin, figgy pudding, wassail and king cake (selecting Lord of Misrule), and a pageant involving the Lord and Lady of the Manor, the Magi, the Star, Santa Lucia, St. Nicholas, Herne the Hunter, the Holly Man (serving wine), a boar's head, a peacock, and a swan.

Seating is limited. Suggested donation is $10. The entire community is welcome. The pageant begins at 6:30 p.m., with food to be served at 7 p.m. For any who might be interested, our contact information is:

St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church

101 W. Gilman St., P.O. Box 7

New York Mills, MN 56567

(218) 640-5586.