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Dec. 7

• A man reported the theft of a green tow-behind trailer filled with scrap metal.

• The sheriff's office received a call from someone who said there were three guys at his door -- two with guns and one with a crossbow -- who were coming for him. The caller had crawled out the back door and went to a neighbor's house to call police. A deputy checked the area where the caller said the men had been, but didn't find any footprints in the snow.

Dec. 9

• A couple approached police to inform them they had lost a wedding ring in Wadena sometime on Dec. 8. The ring is 70 years old and consists of a single gold band with a diamond setting, according to a police report. The couple had visited M State Wadena and Tri-County Hospital on the day the ring went missing.

Dec. 10

• A man was pulled over after swerving all over the road. The driver said, "I don't have a driver's license and probably shouldn't be driving since I'm drunk." He was arrested for DWI.

• A man reported there were some strange tracks pulling into his driveway and then back out -- and five other residences had similar tracks. There were no footprints in the snow next to the vehicle tracks, indicating no one got out of the car at any of the six stops.

Dec. 11

• An officer investigated an allegation that a man entered a Wadena convenience store and attempted to use a check and credit card that weren't in his name. The store clerk recognized the suspect as someone who had tried to pass bad checks before, and denied the attempt. The check and credit card turned out to belong to a man who had died six years ago. The suspect was identified and apprehended, and is a suspect in other bad check and theft cases.

• An alarm at a residence in the Menahga area indicated someone had breached the home and was inside, as indicated by a motion sensor. A Menahga officer was the first to arrive and discovered the burglar: a red squirrel.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.