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'Golden Age of Radio' coming to Wadena

"The Golden Age of Radio" is coming to Wadena, Sunday, December 5, at 3 p.m. at Wadena Memorial Auditorium. This delightful program is funded by Minnesota's Library Legacy. Step back in time with acclaimed vocalist, Prudence Johnson, and celebrated pianist, Dan Chouinard. You'll be listening to such classics as "Ain't Misbehavin,'" "But Not for Me," "Lazy River," "I'll be Seeing You," and more. Sing along to "Singin' in the Rain," "Minnie the Moocher," and "Pennies from Heaven," plus a host of other great songs. Everyone welcome with or without a ticket and bring a friend.


Adult Fiction

"Everything Beautiful in the World" - Lisa Levchuk. Seventeen-year-old Edna is in the midst of having a fight with her mother when a telephone call forces her mother to say, "All fights postponed." She has been told she has cancer. So begins an interesting experiment in writing that gives this book a quite different sound from so many YA novels with their ubiquitous first-person voice. In a flat tone that's much more reportage than confessional, Edna relates how an affair begins with her art teacher, Mr. Howland, while her mother is in the hospital. Making it clear she will not visit her mother, and ignoring a father who ignores her, Edna is given a "free pass" to do what she wants. And what she wants is to live in the cocoon that surrounds her and Mr. Howland, eating lunches in seclusion, going to their secret spot for sex. Although this story has been done before, it is the way Levchuk writes it that is both startling and affecting. Reminiscent of Brock Cole's remote style in "The Facts Speak for Themselves" (1997), this technique allows readers to get farther inside Edna's head than she is herself. We see, more clearly than she does, how Mr. Howland can annoy her and how his neediness scares her. Her questions about a long-dead brother reveal more about her than she would be comfortable with anyone knowing. There are some flaws. Although the book is set in the 1980s, Edna's mother's long hospital stay seems necessary to accommodate the plot rather than her illness, and the end seems rushed. But, overall, Levchuk does a remarkable job of writing a novel that offers the facts on the pages; all the emotion is underneath.

"Full Circle" - Davis Bunn mixes romance and light suspense in a proficient but somewhat lackluster read. Protagonist Adam Wright is a formerly self-absorbed actor turned crack investment analyst who is bitter about his father's abandonment. When he's hired by investment house Oxford Ventures, he falls hard for the boss's daughter, Kayla Austin. She has her own woes: her fiancé has embezzled the money from the African relief project she was spearheading, leaving her brokenhearted and her venture virtually bankrupt. Together, Kayla and Adam seek to heal past wounds and discover who's sabotaging Kayla's father's company. Bunn ("Heirs of Acadia" series; "The Lazarus Trap") successfully uses the rich backdrop of Oxford, England, as his setting, but the suspense never moves past a gentle simmer. The pacing slows in places; the romance between Kayla and Adam lacks much tension; and occasionally, Bunn resorts to stale prose such as "The air was spiced with Kayla's fragrance, and the heady scent of a better tomorrow." One bright spot is the story's sensitive handling of faith: Much of the plot hinges on what various characters intuit about God's leading, but in Bunn's capable hands, this is less forced than one might think.

"The Icing on the Cake" - Alison Kent. The publisher of the popular "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series introduces a new line of romance novels based on the love stories of real-life couples. The first in the series, by veteran romance author Kent, is based on the experiences of Michelle Snow and Todd Bracken, a Washington, D.C. couple who met through When 31-year-old Michelle's friends talk her into signing up for online dating, she's skeptical about her chances of meeting anyone, until she happens across Todd's profile. She takes a chance and sends him a message, which he responds to right away. Their flirtatious e-mails lead to a first date, which reveals that the two share powerful chemistry. Michelle was burned by a bad relationship in college, but her initial fears about a serious involvement evaporate as she gets to know Todd. As Todd falls hard for Michelle, he encourages her to pursue her dream of opening a cupcake bakery. Readers looking for an inspiring and positive love story, with the added boost of its being true, will get a kick out of this sweet courtship tale. -- Kristine Huntley

"A Stone Creek Christmas" - Linda L. Miller

"Blank Confession" - Pete Hautman

"Blue Springs" - Peter Rennebaum

"Close Quarters" - Lucy Monroe

"Cowgirl Up and Ride" - Lorelei James

"Crescent Dawn" - C. Cussler

"Cross Fire" - James Patterson

"Edge" - Jeffery Deaver

"Empress of Eternity" - Modesitt

"Full, Dark, No Stars" - Stephen King

"Hell's Corner" - David Baldacci

"Henry's Sisters" - Wally Lamb

"Indulgence in Death" - J. D. Robb

"No Safe Place" - Deborah Ellis

"Three Black Swans" - Caroline B. Cooney

Adult Non Fiction

"A Coast Guardsman's History of the U. S. Coast Guard" - C. Douglas Kroll

"A Course in Weightloss" - M. Williamson

"All By My Selves" - Jeff Dunham

"The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans" - Rick Geary

"Badasses" - Peter Richmond

"Breakdown" - Bob Halloran

"Cake Boss" - Buddy Valastro

"Cheever" - Louisa May Alcott

"Deadly Spin" - Wendall Potter

"Get it Together" - Nolo

"Giants" - Pat Summerall

"Girl Parts" - John Cusick

"Give Me Tomorrow" - P. O'Donnell

"King of the Road" - Alex Debogorski

"Lion of Liberty (Patrick Henry)" - Harlow Unger

"Rural Minnesota Journal"

"Seeing Further" - Bill Bryson

"The Good Fight" - Walter Mondale

"The Illustrated Cook's Book of Ingredients"

"The Killing of Crazy Horse" - Thomas Powers

"The Trumpet of Conscience" - Martin Luther King Jr.

"Till I End My Song" - Harold Bloom

"Unbroken" - Laura Hillenbrand

"When Beaver Was Bery Great" - Anne M. Dunn

"Wishing for a Snowday" - Peg Meier

Large Print Fiction

"Bad Blood" - John Sandford

"Cross Fire" - James Patterson

"Hell's Corner" - David Baldacci

"Santa in Montana" - Janet Dailey

Junior Fiction

"Boxcar Children Cupcake Caper" - Warner

"Human Body" - Zoehfeld

"Magic Tree House Moonlight on the Magic Flute" - Osborne

Junior Fiction CD Books

"Brixton Brothers The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity"

"Geronimo Stilton, Bks. 1-3"

"Magic Tree House, Bks. 33-36" - Mary Pope Osborne

"Suddenly Super Natural, Bks. 1&2" - Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

"The Mercy Watson Collection, Vol. 1" - Kate DiCamillo

"Woods Runner" - Gary Paulsen


"Bertie at Bedtime" - Marcus Pfister

"Dewey's Christmas at the Library" - Vicki Myron & Bret Witter

"Dragon Stew" - Steve Smallman and Lee Wildish

"Interrupting Chicken" - David Ezra Stein

"Its Xmas David" - David Shannon

"Llama Llama Holiday Drama" - Anna Dewdney

"Miss Lina's Ballerinas" - Grace Maccaron

"My Little Train" - Satomi Ichikawa

"Princess Bedtime Stories" - Disney

"Song for a Princess" - Rachall Mortimer

"Tickle Tickle Itch Twitch" - Julie Olson

"You Are My I Love You" - Mary Ann Cusimano

"You are What You Eat" - Serge Bloch


"A Mother's Courage"

"Charlie St. Cloud"

"Dexter's Laboratory, Season 1"

"Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy"

"How Can I Afford Retirement"

"JAG, Seasons 3 and 4"


"Last of the Summer Wine"

"Mod Squad, Season 2, Vol. 1 and 2"

"Mater's Tall Tales"

"Poirot - Death in the Clouds"

"Ramona & Beezos"

"Superman Returns"

"The Girl Who Played with Fire"

"The Road to Christmas"

"You Lucky Dog"


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