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Recorder's office improvements studied

County Recorder Soledad Henriksen requested permission of the Wadena County Board to hire the Baker, Hogan and Houx architect firm to draw a plan to remodel the Recorder's Office to better fit the needs of the employees and the public. Plans to remodel the Recorder's Office have been discussed for a few years. The board discussed the proposed improvements and by motion of Commissioner Lane Waldahl, unanimously approved hiring Baker, Hogan and Houx to draw plans for the Recorder's Office and the Auditor/Treasurer's Office as well as a few other areas of the building.

Pay equity and comparable worth study updates

HR Consultant Mike Gibson updated the Wadena County Board as to the current labor negotiations. All department heads, union representatives and other necessary personnel have met to discuss the negotiations. In Gibson's opinion the negotiations are going well and expect to reach an agreement soon.

As was brought to the board's attention in August, the sheriff's department investigator position was in need of review and completion of a comparable worth study. Gibson, along with union representatives, reviewed the duties and requirements of the investigator position. The job description was updated to accurately reflect the duties and requirements and the position was evaluated to be at a Grade 55, previously a Grade 54 position. The increase in the grade of the position requires an increase in hourly rates. An agreement was reached between the employee holding the Investigator position, the union representative and the county. The employee will receive back pay effective as of Aug. 1, 2010 and will receive a salary increase in accordance with the position grade.