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Living History

PJ file photo From the Nov. 26, 1970 Pioneer Journal, Debbie Myhrwald gives a presentation on Chile with a guitar performance.

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 24, 2005 Pioneer Journal

• WDC board, Freshwater sign lease for Deer Creek school

Wadena-Deer Creek Schools will lease the closed Deer Creek elementary building for $57,000 starting in July.

The building, leased to Freshwater Education District, is to be used for White Pines and Day Treatment programs.

• County to reconsider meth laws

At a Nov. 17 public hearing during a county board meeting, commissioners and property owners discussed a proposed meth ordinance in Wadena County. According to the ordinance, property owners are responsible for cleaning up and testing meth labs found on their property.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 30, 2000 Pioneer Journal

• Woman who left Staples with murder suspect located

Stephanie Ann Drury, 23, Staples, left a recorded message on her mother's answering machine Nov. 22, the same day her companion, Tom Raper Jr., was charged with killing two people in Texas.

Drury, the woman police were looking for since Raper went on a crime spree, has been located, Wadena County Chief Deputy Steve Young said.

• Verndale grocery to reopen

After being closed since the end of July, the Verndale grocery store could reopen by the first of the year, said Verndale Star Bank President Steve Pickar.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 26, 1985 Pioneer Journal

• Request for dismissal of indictments denied

Requests made by the defense attorney for a Sebeka man accused in the Aug. 14 drowning death of his wife and infant son, asking that testimony given during grand jury proceedings be dismissed, has been denied by Judge Timothy Baland.

Representing David Butzin, Defense Attorney Peter Irvine made the requests during an omnibus hearing held Nov. 1. Irvine argued that evidence heard during the grand jury proceedings was prejudicial to Butzin. A second motion for dismissal made by Irvine, arguing that probable cause was never established, has also been denied.

• Shopper sues PJ over low ad rates

The board of directors of the Wadena Pioneer Journal along with Parta Printers, Inc., Watco, Inc., and the Staples World, Inc., were named in a civil law suit brought by Applied Graphic Arts of Wadena, Inc., William and Judith Spear, and Michael and Jan Roers. Applied Graphic Arts publishes the Circle Shopper.

Michael Parta, Wadena Pioneer Journal publisher, stated that the suit alleges that the plaintiffs have been harmed by certain competitive business practices carried out by the defendants.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 26, 1970 Pioneer Journal

• KWAD reports '70 Big Buck Contest champs

Miss Lynne Engelke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Engelke, hunting with veteran nimrods during the recent two-day deer season, successfully bagged a 165 pound buck.

She had also registered for KWAD's 2nd Annual Big Buck contest at Ehlhen and Richter's Sports and Surplus and won the trophy for the woman nimrod shooting the largest deer.

Richard Maroney, 66, of rural Wadena bagged a buck that dressed 204 to win the KWAD trophy for the oldest nimrod to have success this season.

Allen Steffens, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence of South Jefferson, Wadena, was the youngest nimrod to bag a deer in the Big Buck contest.

• Alpha Eta chapter met at Pine Cove Inn

"People and Their Environment" was the topic discussed by the Alpha Eta Chapter's November meeting held at Pine Cove Inn, Thursday, Nov. 12.

Guest speakers included Ernest Etter, Menahga, who discussed the immediate need to save our lakes and streams from pollution by the surface waters from streets, yards and roads.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 30, 1950 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena youth not scratched in crash

Verle D. Blaha's car ... crashed into concrete guard rails on an "S" curve six miles south of St. Cloud on Highways 10 and 52 about 6 a.m., Thanksgiving day morning.

In reporting the accident, the St. Cloud Daily Times stated that slippery roads and a sleepy holiday driver were the cause of the accident.

Highway patrolmen describe the fact that Blaha escaped serious injury was a minor miracle.

Blaha was on his way home to Wadena from Milkwaukee where he attends school, to spend the holiday vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Blaha. He told the highway patrolmen that he dozed off while driving alone, and then awoke just in time to duck before the crash. One section of the concrete rail rammed through the left front windshield and pushed its way through the car just above the driver's head. Another of the 600-pound rail sections crushed one side of the 1951 model car. The car was completely destroyed.

Learning of the accident, M.L. Blaha drove to St. Cloud and brought his son home for the week-end. Verle left Sunday evening by train for Milwaukee to resume his school studies.

• Yule Decoration

Wadena is again taking on the appearance of the Christmas city. City workers are this week installing street decorations, and it is the plan to have the streets Christmas lighted Saturday night for the first time this season. Following this, the lights will be turned on during the evening nightly until after the holiday season.