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United Way donates $1,500 toward microscopes rescued from WDC High School

Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools WDC High School sophomores Alex Dornbusch (left) and Artem Heikes carry the repaired and cleaned microscopes that were retrieved from the high school this summer.

For more than two months, nearly 100 microscopes sat in the science department of the tornado-damaged Wadena-Deer Creek High School. Luckily, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company was able to retrieve the microscopes and recently, Scope Tech of Prior Lake, Minn., began repairing and cleaning them.

The first shipment of the repaired microscopes arrived on Nov. 17 - much to the delight of WDC High School science teacher, Sheri Nyhus, and her students. Students unloaded 57 microscopes that looked practically brand new. The remainder of the scopes, which include another 30 dissecting microscopes and 15 antique microscopes, will be sent to Scope Tech for repair and cleaning.

The microscopes are used in several science classes, such as biology, college biology, anatomy and physiology, physical science, seventh- and eighth-grade science, as well as elementary science classes.

The Wadena Area United Way recently donated $1,500 to the science department for tornado relief. United Way board member Marilyn Twete recently presented the check to the WDC School Board. United way supports 15 different programs throughout the year. This past year, they added a special category for the school because of the great need resulting from the June 17 tornado, said Twete.

Nyhus said the donation from the Wadena Area United Way will go toward the cost of the repair and cleaning of the microscopes retrieved from the high school. "We appreciate this donation greatly," Nyhus said. "Thank you to United Way for helping us with the funding of this project."