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Living History

PJ file photo A modernized phone line from the Nov. 23, 1950 Pioneer Journal.1 / 2
PJ file photo A photo of Ruth Breher from the Nov. 23, 1950 Pioneer Journal.2 / 2

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 17, 2005 Pioneer Journal

• Chaplain helps families help their soldiers

Moving from warrior to citizen will be a challenge for soldiers as they return to Wadena from their service in Iraq, Maj. John Morris told Wadena residents.

Morris, state deputy chaplain, brought his 21 years of experience in the Army to Wadena Sunday and told families of soldiers and others in the community the truth about their soldiers returning - that it won't be easy. Instead, reintegration will be very difficult and challenging for spouses, children, employers and friends, he said.

• Boy Scout serves up service for community

Kyle Moench, 13, is getting ready to organize and instruct volunteers for a meal with 300-400 people.

"With enough help it probably shouldn't be hard," he said.

Moench is organizing a group of volunteers for the Wadena Community Thanksgiving Dinner. His volunteers will mainly be Boy Scouts and their families.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 23, 2000 Pioneer Journal

• Harry Potter popular in Wadena

"We can't keep the books on the shelf," Wadena City Library assistant Cicely Johnson said. "We have waiting lists for all four of the books."

Les Breitling reports similar findings at Books & Things in Wadena. They go fast, and it is not just kids buying them, he said. About 50 percent of the readers are adults.

And now with a possible movie in the works, Harry Potter is bound to be more popular than ever.

• Raper jailed for Texas murders

After cutting off his global monitoring device and fleeing Wadena County in mid-October, Rom Raper Jr., 30, Staples, is in a Texas jail, charged with murdering two people and shooting at a police officer.

"This comes as no surprise that this happened," said Staples Police Chief Kyle Huber. "A lot of people around here were very fearful of him. He was a violent, dangerous individual."

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 19, 1985 Pioneer Journal

• Issue of fair trial moves Butzin case to Little Falls

The trial site for a rural Sebeka man accused of drowning his wife and infant son has been changed from Wadena to Little Falls, according to information released last week by the Wadena County attorney's office.

David Butzin's defense lawyer, Peter Irvine, requested the change in trial location during an omnibus hearing Nov. 1. That request was made because Irvine felt an unbiased jury couldn't be gathered in Wadena County. Judge Timothy Baland granted the request during a special term of Wadena County District Court on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

• 500-plus attend meal dramatizing farm profit margin

More than 500 people attended last Thursday's noon luncheon which featured among other things a 49 cents Minnesota grown meal.

The meal, which was sponsored by the Agri-Business Committee of the Wadena Area Chamber of Commerce, was an attempt to dramatize how little Wadena area farmers make on each meal.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 19, 1970 Pioneer Journal

• Deer hunting success spotty

Deer hunting throughout Minnesota in its 1970 abbreviated season was reported spotty. For many it was either feast or a venison famine.

KWAD Radio running its second Annual Big Buck Contest reported that hunters in the Henning and Deer Creek communities were consistently having success. By Monday, nimrods had reported shooting 107 deer to KWAD.

• Schillo reports results of recent patient survey

Wesley Hospital Administrator Earl Schillo reported to the Pioneer Journal and the radio station via memo a recent survey taken among discharged patients on having their names published or broadcasted on being admitted and discharged from the local hospital.

Schillo's report indicated: "Of the questionnaires sent out I got 80 replies, of these 37 said yes but 43 said no. In view of this, our policy will remain as it is now."

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 23, 1950 Pioneer Journal

• Empty Stocking Fund to provide cheer to needy

The Wadena Pioneer Journal's Empty Stocking Fund starts this week. This custom was started by the Pioneer Journal in 1926, and through your donations of the past 24 years, many little stockings have not been left empty on Christmas day.

• Ruth Breher becomes airline stewardess

Ruth Breher of Wadena literally is "flying high" these days a new United Air Lines stewardess. She recently completed an intensive five-week course at the company's stewardess training center, Cheyenne, Wyo., and has been assigned to Mainliner flights operating east and west of Chicago over United's 13,250-mile system.

Breher is the fourth Wadena girl to become an airline stewardess. The first to choose this field was Mrs. Emerson C. Heinz (Mildred Askew), who flew with United Airlines for seven years, 1939 to 1946.

Mrs. Harold Kittelson (Ruth Vik) was the next Wadena girl to enter the field and flew with Northwest Airlines for two years, 1944-45.

Mrs. James Edwards (Jeanne Gilbert) started her flying career in 1949 and is a stewardess with Trans-World Airlines.