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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 10, 2005 Pioneer Journal

• Local family survives Wilma

Instead of spending time on the beach in sunny Cancun, the Swansons spent their vacation in the dark because of Hurricane Wilma.

The hurricane spoiled their vacation plans but more than anything, the Chad and Marlo Swanson family is happy to be alive and back home.

• From a letter to the editor by 1st Lt. Joseph Sanganoo

One hundred and fifty-two soldiers from the 1-194th battalion will return home within the first two weeks of December. Most have high aspirations of returning home and reconnecting with their families. These soldiers have built an inseparable bond within which they have openly shared their joy and sorrows.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 16, 2000 Pioneer Journal

• Brenna wins coin toss

It all came down to a toss of a coin Nov. 8 for two Verndale candidates vying for the same city council seat.

With 121 votes, incumbent Gerald Stave and newcomer Todd Brenna tied for the second seat.

With a lot less hoopla than the current presidential election, Verndale settled its own tie with a simple coin toss.

Brenna will serve a four-year term as Verndale's newest council member.

• Crummy county roads need repair

Wadena County residents will kick and scream if their roads go from blacktop to gravel, said Commissioner Orville Meyer Nov. 7 when County Highway Engineer Russ Larson asked what could be done about several crumbling roads.

"Soon we're going to have to turn them to gravel or find the money," said Larson.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 12, 1985 Pioneer Journal

• First councilwoman anticipates challenge

When the Wadena City Council meets tomorrow afternoon, a significant piece of local history will be made as the first elected councilwoman in Wadena's 100-plus years of existence takes office.

Reflecting on her recent election victory, Jan Tubandt is looking ahead to her two-year term on the council with a sense of excitement and joy. The experience, Tubandt said, will involve a lot of learning, but she appreciates having the chance to learn.

• Farmer and city people invited to 49 cent meal

The Agri-Business Committee of the Wadena Chamber of Commerce is bringing farm and city people together to discuss ways to solve today's farm crisis.

On Thursday, Nov. 14, in the Wadena Nation Guard Armory civic leaders and Chamber of Commerce members will serve 750 meals for the meager price of 49 cents.

The farmers share of this actual meal is 39 cents with Chamber officials charging 49 cents to reflect the little extra it would take to make farming profitable again.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 12, 1970 Pioneer Journal

• Washington farm blight worse than leaf blight says F-U speaker

At the annual Wadena county Farmers Union meeting held Oct. 22 at Nimrod Community Hall those in attendance heard a review of the treatment that has been given to farm legislation designed to replace the 1965 Farm Act which expires this year. Speaker for the evening was Cy Carpenter, Secretary of Minnesota Farmers Union, who said the "political farm blight" in Washington is a far greater threat to family farm income than the "corn leaf blight" of the Midwest.

• Verndale Lions Club announces $100 fellowship

The Verndale Lions Club headed by Cecil Seaton informed the Junior College Extension here of a $100 Opportunity Fellowship it has granted to help a student of the area to further his or her education.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 16, 1950 Pioneer Journal

• Elderly lady killed when struck by train

Mrs. Lowa Paddock, 83, was instantly killed Monday shortly before noon when struck by a fast freight train at the Jefferson street crossing in Wadena.

Paddock was the last living child of a family of 13. Two of her older brothers lost their lives in the Civil War.

• Work started on Masonic Temple

Excavating for the basement of the new Masonic Temple was started Saturday by the Ben Stevens company. When the building is completed it will house the J.C. Penney Co. store on the first floor and basement. The Masons will occupy rooms over the store.