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Results announced for local races around Wadena County

Area voters turned out to choose a variety of municipal and school offices on Tuesday.


Patrick Foss won the city of Menahga's three-way race for the mayor's office with 211 votes (38.22 percent), trailed by Tom Larson with 197 (35.69 percent) and Jody Bjornson with 129 (23.37 percent).

In the three-way contest for two Menahga City Council seats, Roger Henstorf and Alden Ylniemi made the cut with 368 (39.32 percent) and 300 (32.05 percent) votes, respectively. Pat Slifer received 264 (28.21 percent) votes.

The Menahga school board (ISD 821) was a competitive eight-way melee for three open spots. Mel Lockhart with 711 votes, Ernest Huhta with 699 votes and Jon Kangas with 634 votes will serve on the school board. Al Peterson (622 votes) was a close fourth; other candidates were Tadd Usher (496 votes), Joyce Skoog (398 votes), Amy Massie (261 votes) and Julia Kicker (252 votes).


David A. Anderson won the race for mayor, taking 147 votes (58.33 percent) and trailed by James K. Murphy with 102 votes (40.48 percent).

Quentin Ness with 198 votes (41.60 percent) and Norbert Ament with 197 votes (41.39 percent) made the cut for two city council seats. Jarrett Sanderson took 77 votes (16.18 percent).

The Sebeka School Board (ISD 820) was a five-way contest for four seats. Mary Schmitt (811 votes), Nate Hendrickson (774 votes), Jeffrey Sams (705 votes) and Russell Johnson (701 votes) will serve on the school board. Patricia M. Anderson received 598 votes.


Jim Runyan with 130 votes (39.88 percent) and Raye Ludovissie with 109 votes (33.44 percent) took the two open city council seats, trailed by Doug Wallace with 81 votes (24.85 percent).

Ardith Carr ran unopposed for the mayor's seat.


Jennifer Reiman for mayor and Bridget King for treasurer ran unopposed and will retain those offices. Allan Johnson took 12 votes and Daniel Gesino Jr. took 11 votes as the only two candidates to file for two seats on the Aldrich City Council. 11 write-ins were also tallied for that race.

Deer Creek

Deer Creek had no names on the ballot for mayor, but 84 write-ins were submitted on Election Day.

For two council member seats, Brenda Lee was the only name on file and received 59 votes. 124 write-ins were submitted.


In the city of Nimrod, Jeff Pederson was uncontested for mayor, and Jeanne Tellock was uncontested for the city council. Two seats were open, but no one else filed. The position of city clerk was wide open and received 13 write-ins.