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Graffiti-style art celebrates the railroad

Photo by Rachelle Klemme The mural "A Child's Dream" was spray-painted onto the side of the house for Rebecca Hendrickson's 30th birthday.1 / 2
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Graffiti on trains is nothing usual, but a train on a graffiti art mural is a new landmark in Hewitt.

Rebecca Hendrickson's family has owned the property of the original Henry Hewitt home since 1977.

"It kind of gets into the historical side of Hewitt on the house because obviously right across the street's the train tracks," Hendrickson said.

A dirt road marks the spot where the north-south railroad used to run along U.S. Highway 71.

Artist James Plowman of Wadena created the mural "A Child's Dream" for Frederickson's 30th birthday in September.

"He did this all with a spray can," Hendrickson said. "He does a lot of the graffiti style."

Hendrickson said that she and Plowman had been friends since their high school years, and she told him about a dream she had when she was 3 years old of a colorful train passing by the house.

At that time, her family had a pickle patch, and in real life the nearby train would stop on the way to Eagle Bend.

"They would always stop, and they would always come down and get my mom's vegetables," Hendrickson said.

That routine would not last much longer.

"In 1984, the train stopped," she said.

But life next to the railroad was not forgotten.

"We're still friends with one of the conductors yet," Hendrickson said.