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Hoffman defeats Skogen for senate seat

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Republican Gretchen Hoffman has defeated DFLer Dan Skogen for the District 10 Minnesota Senate seat.

Hoffman gathered 55 percent of the vote to Skogen's 45 percent, with the total tallies at 17,048 for Hoffman and 14,040 for Skogen.

"I congratulate Senator Skogen for a spirited contest," Hoffman said. "I look forward to serving the people of District 10 in the state senate."

Hoffman said her message of government living within its means struck a chord with voters.

"It is clear our message of limited government, responsible spending, and our pro jobs agenda resonated with voters in our area," she said. "Minnesotans are asking government to live within its means just like our families are doing every day. There is a great deal of work ahead. I look forward to working with fellow legislators and the new governor to find common sense solutions to move Minnesota forward."

Skogen said the results were a letdown, but he understood the will of the voters.

"Well, I'm disappointed," the Hewitt DFLer said shortly after midnight when the outcome became clear. "I really put my heart and soul into this job the last four years."

Skogen was swept into the Senate on a wave of DFL wins four years ago. On Tuesday night, he was swept out by a GOP wave. He said about half of the 16 freshmen senators he entered the Legislature with also lost.

"People weren't happy with the way things were going," Skogen said about the mood of the electorate. "That may have been the message -- 'we're not pleased.'"

Skogen said he thought the DFL was putting into place policies that would steer the state back in a good direction, but he said voters were anxious and not happy with the direction of the state.

Though he didn't rule it out, Skogen said early Wednesday he had no plans to run again for office.