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David Schermerhorn vs David Hillukka for County Comissioner District 5

County Commissioner District 5

David Schermerhorn


County commissioner, grandfather

Relevant Education and Experience:

4 years elected, military retired, interest in and commitment to this county, the people, jobs and quality of life.

1. Please describe what you feel differentiates you as a candidate from your opponent:

The four years experience as a commissioner and the flexible time to attend meetings.

2. Are there any areas in policy where you differ from previous county board decisions? If so, please explain. If not, give examples of what policies you agree with.

I believe the people in greater Wadena County need to be heard and considered as much as the "city of Wadena." We need an economic developer for the county!

3. What specific new initiatives would you like to do if you are elected to the job?

See more jobs brought to the county, taxes lowered and the standard of living raised, veterans taken care of.