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Danny Goeden vs William Stearns for County Commissioner District 3

County Commissioner District 3

Danny Goeden


Certified Nursing Assistant. I have a farming background. I have been a conservative activist for many years.

Relevant Education and Experience:

GED and CNA degree.

1. Please describe what you feel differentiates you as a candidate from your opponent:

I feel that I'm just an ordinary guy that would bring a fresh approach from a younger person's point of view. I'm not afraid to identify myself as a conservative.

2. Are there any areas in policy where you differ from previous county board decisions? If so, please explain. If not, give examples of what policies you agree with.

We can't keep spending money that we don't have. This is simply unsustainable. However we must fund core functions of government like law enforcement for example.

3. What specific new initiatives would you like to do if you are elected to the job?

Only spend money that we have and try to live within our means and prioritize. We need to stop taxing our local businesses out of existence.