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Dan Skogen vs Gretchen Hoffman for Senate District 10

Senate District 10

Dan Skogen


State Senator/Sports Director for B.L. Broadcasting

Relevant education and experience:

28 years with the Wadena radio stations

10 years with Todd Wadena Electric board of directors

Four years as State Senator

1. What would you be able to accomplish in St. Paul to help the people affected by tornadoes in Wadena, Bluffton and Deer Creek areas?

I have already been able to secure planning and design money in the special session bill, will be asking the bonding committee for help in the rebuilding projects, and will support these requests with my votes. I will continue to advocate for the local units of government, the businesses and individuals that continue to go through the rebuilding process, to help them work through the different state and federal agencies that might be able to help them.

2. What do you think is the appropriate role of state government?

It is clear that state government is designed to provide core services in our lives. Public safety, transportation, education, care for our veterans, elderly, children and those who can not advocate for themselves. I believe it works best when a reasonable balance is struck between all those who require these services and those who provide them.

3. Rank these five priorities from 1 (top priority) to 5 (lowest priority), and give reasons you ranked them that way: education funding, tax cuts, immigration reform, local government aid and health care.

I am going to add one: 1. Jobs: as we try and solve a $6 billion deficit we need to put people back to work.

2. Education funding. We really harm ourselves as a society if we are not educated.

3. Health care: lack of it is one of the top reasons people face financial ruin.

4. Local Government Aid is the great equalizer between communities that have tax capacity and those that don't.

5. Tax cuts would be nice, but unrealistic at this time.

6. I think we need immigration reform, but at the federal level.

4. How do you feel you differ most as a candidate versus your opponent?

I know very little about my opponent. But over the last four years my approach to better government has been to try and hear from all sides, to strike some balance, to carry and support projects that are important to my district, while at the same time trying to be helpful in solving some of the state's problems and moving the state of Minnesota forward. The difference I guess is I am trying to work on solutions within a process that has served this state well, so far all I have heard from my opponent is what we have done wrong, but she has offered no solutions.