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Char West vs Brian Hagen for Wadena County Auditor-Treasurer

Wadena County Auditor-Treasurer

Char West


Wadena County Auditor/Treasurer

Relevant education and experience:

Associate of arts degree in accounting; served as Wadena County Auditor/Treasurer for short of eight years; served as Menahga City Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator for over 20 years.

1. Please describe what you feel differentiates you as a candidate from your opponent:

What differentiates me, as a candidate, from my opponent is that I have over 25 years experience in government finance and accounting, election administration and clerk to the County Board or City Council and just short of eight years experience in property tax administration. My knowledge and experience will ensure Wadena County will continue to be in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations the County Auditor/Treasurer is responsible for.

2. What do you think the proper role of the county auditor/treasurer is?

The role of County Auditor/Treasurer is almost exclusively governed by state statute and state and federal regulations. It is a "working" administrative role; not a county policy or decision making role. The major duties of this office, as outlined in statute, are County Financial Officer, Chief Elections Officer, Clerk to the Board of Commissioners and Property Tax Administrator. Administration and oversight of these responsibilities is the "proper" role of the County Auditor/Treasurer position.

3. What specific new initiatives would you like to do if you are elected to the job?

State aids to counties have and will continue to decrease and "redesign" of all levels of government will be required. In 2008 the County Board, with input by County Department Heads and assistance from county employees, initiated budget reductions for Wadena County. In an effort to offset the reduced state revenue from affecting the services provided by the Auditor/Treasurer's Office, I will continue to work with the County Board and fellow department heads in the development and implementation of the County's plan for "redesign."