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Brian Hagen vs Char West for Wadena County Auditor-Treasurer

Wadena County Auditor-Treasurer

Brian Hagen

1. Please describe what you feel differentiates you as a candidate from your opponent:

I believe I am the best candidate for Auditor/Treasurer because of my education and vast business experience. Wadena county needs a person to help lead in many aspects. The Auditor/Treasurer position needs a person that has experience not only in the "checks and balances" aspect of the job but just as important is leadership in regards to county-wide business, human resource management, true fiscal management and inter-departmental communication. You have to experience these invaluable traits and the best way to do that is through owning and operating your own business. I have operated my own businesses for 25 years.

2. What do you think the proper role of the county auditor/treasurer is?

The proper role of the county Auditor/Treasurer is to provide the people of the county with the highest level of integrity through accurate accounting and accountability of all fiscal facets of the county's business. Wadena County cannot afford a county Administrator, so the responsibility of the Auditor/Treasurer extends to include many other tasks. This position is the obvious choice to take on these responsibilities. Which include the overall leadership of the county. This demands the person have experienced these challenges through real life situations. Owning and operating in a business environment teaches these valuable lessons.

3. What specific new initiatives would you like to do if you are elected to the job?

My specific initiatives would obviously include assuring the timely compliance of all state reporting requirements and filings combined with the highest level of county accounting on a day to day basis. I will use my experience to improve overall communication between the departments to operate as efficiently as possible. I will help to strengthen our human resources to minimize the usage of out-sourcing. I plan on implementing cooperative action and capital sharing with other agencies to limit our need to spend when it is not necessary. Finally, I would ensure a higher level of accountability for the employees of the county.