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Public Notice Independent School District #2155 School Board Meeting Sept. 20, Oct. 4, Oct. 18, 2010

Public Notice

Independent School District #2155 School

Board Meeting Sept. 20, Oct. 4, Oct. 18,


The regular meeting of the Board of the In-

dependent School District No. 2155 was

called to order by Chairperson Ann Pate. A

quorum was present. Chairperson Pate and

the board recognized administration, staff

and public for their extraordinary efforts in

successfully starting school on Sept. 7.

WDC Hockey Association president Pat

Boline asked the board whether there was

emergency funding available for the hockey

association's travel expenses for games and

practices for boys' and girls' hockey. Super-

intendent Dahlstrom explained no additional

money has been budgeted; however, there

was the possibility of a grant through FEMA

to help fund the travel expenses. She asked

that Mr. Boline work with Mr. Gallant on the

hockey schedules. Lane changes were ap-

proved for Sheri Nyhus, Kelly Shrode, Mike

Brunsberg, Lecia Parker, Lynn Quincer, Jo-

dee Finn and Keith Ferris. Financials were

approved. The maximum amount for the

Levy Limitation and Certification for 2011

was approved. A public hearing date for the

school levy was set for Dec. 20 at 6 p.m.

The board discussed the Quit Claim Deed

for the Deer Creek baseball field, owned by

the city of Deer Creek. The M-State lease

for the Lineworkers' Field was extended to

Dec. 31, 2010. The lease space for high

school classes (welding, small engines,

woods) was tabled until more space options

could be evaluated. Principal Church report-

ed on the Homecoming Week activities Oct.

10-15. He reported on two of the new chang-

es: the coronation will be moved to Sunday,

and the parade will be held on Friday, with

the Chamber coordinating the effort. The

board reviewed the NJPA annual board elec-

tions. There are two seats available to

school board members: one 4-year term

from Sub-Region I and one 4-year term from

Sub-Region II. Superintendent Dahlstrom re-

ported the school had to date not settled with

Riverport Insurance.

Linda Macklanburg re-

quested hiring another second grade teach-

er. Concerns were voiced by parents regard-

ing class sizes and homework load at the

secondary level. The contract with Kraus-An-

derson Construction Company was ap-

proved. Motion passed to hold a special

board meeting on Monday, Sept. 27th.

Board meeting was adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Oct. 4th special school board meeting: A

quorum was present. Chairperson Pate and

the board recognized administration, staff

and public for their continual efforts in the

successful school year. A letter of need for a

wellness center was approved by the board

in principle. Joan Goeden was hired for the

.62 second grade instructional position. The

storage space at 706 Ash Ave. NW for 1600

square feet was approved. The meeting at

5:20 p.m. to meet with the board counsel,

Mike Hatch, regarding a final agreement with

Riverport Insurance. The meeting recon-

vened at 5:45 p.m. A resolution was ap-

proved to settle the insurance claim at

$40,861,324 to be paid in installments over

the next two years. The demolition of the

high school was awarded to Rachel Contrac-

tors. Meeting was adjourned at 6:05 p.m.

October 18th: A quorum of the school

board was present.

WDC senior Elena Roggenkamp gave a

report on her All-State Orchestra experience

this summer. She is a percussionist with the

high school band. Gary Lawson announced

WDC High School was the recipient of the

Ace Helping Hands Paint Award for $2,000

worth of paint and supplies. An additional

$1,000 in gift cards at Merickels was donat-

ed to the high school by owner Jim Merickel.

Paul Anderson from Experience Works rec-

ognized WDC Schools for its longtime part-

nership with Green Thumb, which is now

known as Experience Works.

Board minutes from Sept. 20th and Oct.

4th meetings were approved. Vacation re-

quests for Joyce Boyne and Vicky Schmitz,

and previous extended-day contracts for

high school teachers Cindi Koll and Richard

Muckala were approved. Business Manager

Anderson gave an overview of the financial

report for June 2010. Financials were ap-

proved. The annual Assurance of Compli-

ance with State and Federal Law Prohibiting

Discrimination form was approved. WSN's

Kevin Donnay introduced Pat Conroy, a

grant writer, to the board. Conroy explained

possible grants for the high school and how

he can support WDC. Techam asked to re-

visit the transportation issue for WDC boys'

and girls' hockey program due to the loss of

the community center in the tornado. Appli-

cation for funds for hockey-related transpor-

tation has been submitted to FEMA. WDC

School District will provide the additional

transportation needed for the girls' and boys'

hockey program for the 2010-11 season.

Meeting adjourned at 6:21 p.m.

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