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Traffic Court

Mark Allen Malone, 28, New York Mills, Failure to stay 500 ft. behind when driving certain vehicles, fees $140.

Wilbur Lewis Verbeck, 32, Motley, Vehicle weight limitations, fees $190.

Eugene Edward Morthberg II, 30, Wadena, Careless driving, 30 days jail stayed for one year, one year probation, fees $565.

Leon Artago Todd, 25, Wadena, Uninsured vehicle, 10 days jail with 9 days stayed for one year, one year probation, community service, fees $325.

Dustin Michael Carpenter, 19, Staples, Failure to display ATV registration, fees $110.

Jason Alan Burton, 35, Verndale, Vehicle gross weight limit violation, fees $190.

Cole Palle Nymann, 18, Plummer, Minn., Maximum bumper height -- vans, pickup trucks, multipurpose vehicles, fees $140.

Jennifer Lee Burton, 40, Staples, Uninsured vehicle, fees $630.57.

Steven Michael Hall, 25, Minneapolis, Seat belt required, fees $115.

Andre Lawrence Trindade, 24, Fargo, Driving after suspension, speeding (48/40) and windshield prohibitions, fees $370.

Tracy Lynn Pillatzki, 36, Willmar, Driving after revocation and failure to obtain new driver's license after changing name or address, fees $310.

Jason Wade Raddohl, 29, Verndale, DWI -- alcohol concentration .08 within 2 hours, 90 days jail with 88 days stayed for two years, two years probation, fees $1,565 with $550 stayed for one year. Charges of speeding (71/55) and DUI were dismissed at sentencing.