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Council kids, but approves liquor license for political party

At its regular meeting on Tuesday, the city council approved a number of contracts, permits and updates.

The council approved a temporary liquor license for a Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party party to be held at the Burlington Northern park.

"The Democratic Party is having a celebration after the election on Nov. 2," City Administrator Brad Swenson said. "They want to have a temporary liquor license at the Depot. Kevin at the golf course would be the one serving the alcohol using the city's license for that."

"It wouldn't be to drown their sorrows?" council member Toby Pierce joked.

"I don't want to go there," Swenson said.

"I didn't even know Democrats wanted anything to drink," council member Jeanette Baymler said.

The council authorized payment for acquisition of U.S. Highway 71 landscape materials. Trees had been planted along 71 as finishing touches of a road construction project.

The council approved a request for a CDL parking test site on Madison Avenue SE.

"Federal regulations now require a bigger, larger area to do their maneuvers," Police Chief Bruce Uselman said.

The council also approved an MMUA safety management program contract.

"We currently have a consultation set up with OSHA; they're going to be coming into Wadena in January and doing a walk-through inspection for us," water and electric supervisor Dave Evans said.

Evans also spoke about a Transmission Service Agreement for the Northern Cities Group of Missouri River members consisting of Wadena and other area towns. "For 2011, we can save $56,000 a year in transmission costs," he said.

Evans said the "catch" is to get their power factor up to the standard.

"I think it's a real small price to pay," he said.

The council approved the agreement contingent on legal opinions.

Because of cell phone usage changing in the past several years, the council updated a policy to increase reimbursements for appropriate department heads and employees who use the mobile phones for work.

The council also set Wednesday, Nov. 17 as the date for the Enterprise Funds Budget Review.