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Nimrod man charged for threats against kids

A Nimrod man faces three crimes in Wadena County District Court after allegedly threatening to shoot some neighbor kids.

Dennis Goff, 53, was charged Sept. 30 with terroristic threats -- stalking a victim under 18 years old and two counts of fifth-degree assault.

On Sept. 28, six kids ranging in age from 7-12 years old were playing in a yard adjacent to Goff's property when he came out and told them he had cameras up and would shoot the next person to get close to his yard, according to court records.

Authorities couldn't immediately locate Goff, but caught up with him after he reported he had been in a traffic accident. They talked to him at his friend's house, but were unable to find the vehicle or accident scene.

When questioned about the confrontation with the kids, Goff said they were throwing rocks at his two pit bulls. He alleged there's a conspiracy to drive him out of Nimrod because he doesn't drink, smoke cigarettes or use drugs.

While en route to jail, Goff denied doing anything wrong and said he planned to buy a $300 recorder and wear it everywhere he goes from now on to tape everyone. He also said he planned to call the FBI and report what was going on and he expected them to "laugh so hard their guns will fall out of their holsters."

Goff has a previous conviction for domestic assault in Hennepin County in March 2009.