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For some, trunk treats are just the trick

What are southwest Wadena neighborhood kids and homeowners to do when damaged structures and busy rebuilding interfere with Halloween traditions?

They can go "Trunk Trick or Treating," in which kids trick-or-treat from people handing out candy from open vehicle trunks instead of houses.

The only Wadena church to be hit by the June 17 tornado is hosting the event at their parking lot on Sunday, Oct. 31, from 4-6 p.m.

MaryJo Lindquist of the recently repaired St. John's Lutheran Church said this variation of trick-or-treating was planned to be a fun and safe activity for an area scarred by the tornado.

"Our neighborhood was a huge success for trick-or-treating in the past. A lot of people choose to park in our parking lot and then travel up and down the blocks trick-or-treating. They're going to have a little harder time doing that this year," Lindquist said. "And those people who don't have a home right now aren't going to have a place to hand out candy from."

Lindquist said that she would talk to people in the neighborhood, church members and people who had lost their homes, but anyone is welcome to park and give out goodies.

Lindquist said that youth participation had fallen at St. John's over the summer partly because the tornado interrupted fun activities, and that she hoped Trunk Trick or Treating could be something the church's teens could take charge of in the future.

"I have two daughters that are 14 and 12," she said. "They plan on being there in full costume, ready to hand out candy."

She said that the youth had helped to clean the church and clear debris in the immediate tornado aftermath.

Those interested in being a trunk participant should show up at the church with a car parked and ready by 3 p.m., Lindquist said.

"We plan to close off the entrances and the exits by 3:45 to make it safer so no one's driving around when the kids are there," she said. "We would like you to provide a small amount of candy to hand out from your trunk. However, if you cannot do that, you will not be turned away. We will make sure that everyone has something to hand out of their trunk."

She said that common safety tips apply; candy should be edible and in a sealed package.

Non-edible items like pencils, activity pads, and little trinkets were welcome as well, she said.

She said she hoped that Trunk Trick-Or-Treating would generate interest in the church and involve the neighborhood.

Anyone interested in the event can contact Lindquist at (218) 631-7193 or e-mail