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Living History

PJ file photo From the Oct. 15, 1970 Pioneer Journal, the Wadena Homecoming royalty (l-r): Becky Browne, Missy Merickel, crown carrier Pam Kern, queen Terri Sletten, Cindy Goetz and Judy Busker.

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 13, 2005 Pioneer Journal

• Verndale staff dyes for Katrina

Verndale teachers Bob Heilig and Kelly Youngbauer receive new hair colors from Tasha Olson and Kelly Stave, Verndale students, on Oct. 5 after students and staff raised $1,064 for Hurricane Katrina relief.

Verndale faculty and staff fulfilled promises after the Verndale students and staff raised the money.

• From the Law Enforcement Log

A woman wanted to speak to an officer about her 18-year-old son. She said her son acts like he owns the house, says he is the boss and tells his mom that she needs to leave. An officer spoke with the son. The son told the officer he would cool down and go to bed. The officer spoke with the mother. The officer told her to consider having her 18-year-old son move out.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 19, 2000 Pioneer Journal

• And the walls came tumbling down

As of Thursday, Oct. 12, the old Orton's building, at the junction of Highways 71 and 29 in downtown Wadena, is gone. City crews demolished it early Thursday morning. Attorney Daniel T. Carlisle bought the property from the city and will use it for his law offices after a new facility is constructed.

• Serrano represents her state, national title at Chicago Columbus Day parade

Amanda Serrano, 14, of Henning and a Wadena-Deer Creek student, represented her titles at the Chicago Columbus Day Parade where she appeared on WGN TV Oct. 9.

Serrano had the opportunity to be chauffeured downtown Chicago in a Royal American tour bus and participate in the parade for Dream Girls USA.

She will be busy making appearances all year. Next month she travels back to Chicago tor "The Festival of Trees," a United Way charity for the homeless.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 15, 1985 Pioneer Journal

• Homecoming queen calls experience 'a highlight'

Homecoming queen. Something that many high school girls dream of; but only one can be it each year. At Homecoming festivities Thursday evening, Sara Jo Quincer was crowned the 1985 Wadena homecoming queen. Sara is the daughter of Don and Erma Quincer.

As homecoming queen, Sara figures she is chosen as a role model for other students during homecoming. And, there are changes she would like to see happen during homecoming in the future. "I think we should also select a king. ... A lot of kids have been talking about that - to get the guys more involved."

• 1985 Wadena High School Homecoming highlights

Quite a squad! The school safety patrollers marched into the parade, in large numbers and carrying their flags.

The winning float went to the juniors for their animated creation.

Wall decorations, done by cheerleaders were very abundant. A lot of time and work must have been put into them. They were very impressive.

Football tri-captains walked around, creating anticipation of who would be crowned homecoming queen.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 15, 1970 Pioneer Journal

• Early snow storm buffets wide area

Rain, sleet and finally a heavy 4 to 5 inch blanket of wet snow left the Wadena community in wintry white Friday with the postponement of many community functions including Homecoming games at Staples, Wadena and other schools.

Roads and highways were made hazardous by the heavy snows and wrecker service was in demand Friday morning as many vehicles had slipped into ditches.

• Miss Terri Sletten crowned 1970 Wadena HS Homecoming Queen

Miss Terri Sletten, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sletten of Route 1, Wadena, was crowned 1970 Wadena HS Homecoming Queen in impressive ceremonies Friday afternoon in the junior high gym.

Scott Nelson, a senior and football captain announced the queen and presented her robe.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 19, 1950 Pioneer Journal

• All-school party is planned for Hallowe'en night

An all-school free Hallowe'en party will be held at the Memorial Auditorium Tuesday evening, Oct. 31, with a continuous entertainment program throughout the evening. Grades one through six will be entertained from 7 to 8:30 and grades 7 through 12 from 9 to 11:30. Prizes will be given for the best costumes and movies will be shown in the Legion Hall by Mr. Haack. Music for square dancing will be provided for the junior and senior grades.

• United Nations flags made by 4-H clubs to go on display

A blue and white United Nations flag for every community by United Nations Day, Oct. 24, is the aim of the country-wide flag-making campaign., announces Home Agent Mrs. Margaret Garr. County 4-H clubs are becoming modern Betsy Rosses. Among clubs which are sewing flags are: Junior Citizens, Blowers, Central, Oakdale, Leaf River Builders and Wadena Juniors.