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Photographer capturing images of Wadena

Photo provided Charlene Moenkedick, one of Lemm-Thompson's interview subjects, holds a piece of wood from her barn.

Frequent drives through Wadena were once a normal part of Chelzee Lemm-Thompson's life. Then, the June 17 tornado scarred the town where several of her friends used to live.

Originally from Alexandria, Lemm-Thompson studies photography at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and is documenting tornado stories for her senior project.

"I photographed six days after the tornado when everything was still kind of in chaos," she said. "Now what I'm looking for are people to be interviewed to tell their individual stories, what happened during the tornado, immediately afterwards and kind of where they're at now."

Lemm-Thompson said she plans to display the photographs at MCAD and make a book of the project.

"As many people as I can get would be great. I've only interviewed two so far," she said. "I know people have been busy and stressed out and trying to get stuff done before winter."

Lemm-Thompson herself was in Alexandria on June 17. While her hometown did not go through anything like Wadena, warnings were issued and the sirens went off.

"I was out in the storm when it was going on," she said. "We all had warnings; Brandon and Garfield and everywhere had warnings that day."

Lemm-Thompson can be contacted by phone at (320) 760-6144 or at her e-mail address,