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Tornado bills eclipse $1 million at WDC

The period between mid-August and mid-September was an expensive one for District 2155.

District administration has settled the bulk of the bills that resulted from the June 17 tornado in that time and a seven-figure number emerged.

Business manager Jerry Anderson noted at Monday night's September board meeting that $1,047.937.28 worth of bills, attributed to the school's tornado account, had been paid. Anderson said that the school spends around $200,000 in a normal month. The school's bills during the same time period last year came to $334,733.90.

Some of the larger bills presented at the September meeting included $153,874.81 for renovations to the Deer Creek school, $144,704.81 for technology, $99,982.10 for math, science, English and social textbooks, $79,469.11 for a telephone system, $62,610 for repairing the track and tennis courts, $43,982.91 for repair and construction work on the bus garage and $42,398.38 to lease school buses.

The bills were paid with funds provided by partial payments from the district's insurance carrier.