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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Sept. 15, 2005 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena officer helps in rescue

Wadena's Phil Meier says it was an honor to be able to go to New Orleans and help rescue people after Hurricane Katrina.

Meier, a Department of Natural Resources Enforcement district supervisor, was one of 20 officers who went to New Orleans with 10 trucks and boats.

The officers left Sept. 4 and reported to the Louisiana Fish and Wildlife agents.

"We were dispatched to St. Bernard Parish and some of the poor areas of town," he said. "It was total devastation."

The mission was for search and rescue. Meier and the other officers worked with officers from seven states. During the two and a half days working in New Orleans, Meier said the officers launched boats and looked for people who were stranded by the storm.

• Wadena hopes to raise $100,000

Twelve area churches hope to raise $100,000 for Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Wadena's Wave of Mercy is an effort that will include a benefit lunch, silent auction and a variety show on Sept. 23, said the Rev. Del Moen, an organizer and pastor at Messiah Lutheran in Wadena.

"I've just been enthused by the participation of churches," Moen said. "They've all taken significant roles."

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Sept. 21, 2000 Pioneer Journal

• Reputed burial site yields nothing

It's been an exhausting year for police as they search an isolated rural Wadena County site for the bodies of two young women who disappeared in 1998 and are believed to be murder victims. It has been alleged that the women are buried next to a backwater in Wadena County.

A confidential police informant told the St. Paul Police Department in January that the women, Roseanna Marie Forcum, 15, Sauk Rapids, and April Geyer, 21, Milaca, were murdered and then transported to Wadena County and buried.

• In loving memory -- Trosen family is put to rest

"I thought I had surrendered all to God," World Gospel Mission Pilot John Trosen wrote his family months before his disappearance in the Bolivian jungle...

Nine months later, the lives of all those who ever knew John Trosen, his wife, Masako, and their two small children, Isaiah and Sophia, were changed forever. The family's Cessna 206 airplane, titled "Wings of Peace," went down over some of the densest triple canopy jungle in Bolivia during a missionary flight to Santa Cruz.

It will be two years since their disappearance in South America. In Wadena, the Trosen family is ready to say goodbye.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Sept. 17, 1985 Pioneer Journal

• Future of Main Street Wadena addressed in development meetings

Take a look at downtown Wadena. One obvious observation is that there are about 13 empty buildings. Another observation might be that there are not a lot of people around. Certainly not a very optimistic picture for what is supposed to be the center of the town, the hub of activity.

In concern for this deteriorating state, Wadena business people and leaders met Thursday to discuss what lies ahead, and what needs to be done to turn things around.

• Butzin pleads innocent to murder charges

A rural Sebeka man has pleaded not guilty in connection with the Aug. 13 drowning deaths of his wife and 18-month-old son.

Making his first appearance in Wadena County District Court on Sept. 10, David Butzin, 24, pleaded not guilty to indictments of first degree murder in connection with his wife's death, and second degree murder for his son's death.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Sept. 17, 1970 Pioneer Journal

• New Model Cars On Display Now In Wadena

Wadena's car dealers are announcing this week in ads that you find in the Pioneer Journal 1971 new model cars.

People are invited to stop by and view the new vehicles.

1971 Comets, Cougars and the Marquis of Mercury may be seen at Kent Stuntebeck Ford East Hwy. 10 in Wadena. The 1971 Ford Pinto, Mustang and LTD are also on display.

At Uselman's Inc. on U.S. Hwy. 10 East in Wadena are the new Plymouth Duster and the Dodge Demon. The public is invited to stop by and view these new 1971 models.

• From a letter to the editor by M.W. Denning

A recent story on singer Johnny Cash, carried by the Associated Press, was a breath of fresh air in a high pollution era of nudity and sexual promiscuity.

The AP story reported that Cash put his career on the line by refusing to play a bedroom scene with a nude actress. And the producers had to go along with his stand.

There were many Americans who were beginning to think that there weren't any actors who could be, as Johnny puts it, "repelled by many of today's films."

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Sept. 21, 1950 Pioneer Journal

• Dog saves man from goring by angered bull

Alvah Goodale, 59, farmer living in the Wrightstown vicinity, while driving his cows home from pasture Friday night was attacked by an infuriated bull. Goodale was thrown to the ground and seriously injured. The famer's 2-year-old cattle dog who was assisting in bringing the cattle in from pasture saw his master fall. The dog jumped over a 4-foot woven wire fence with a barbed wire top and attempted to drive off the angered animal. When this couldn't be done, the dog took a station on his master's chest and as the bull came near, the dog nipped at the animal's nose, and kept him from goring the farmer.

Goodale's son, Gordon, 23, who was in the barn missed his father and went to the farm house to see if he might have returned there. Since he was not at the house, Gordon started down the lane towards the pasture and then saw his injured father and the dog standing guard over him.

Goodale was taken to Thiel Hospital in Bertha. He is recovering there from several broken ribs and severe bruises.

• 'Cinderella' comes to Cozy Sunday

"Cinderella," timeless symbol of all romance comes to the Cozy theatre Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as Walt Disney's own challenge to his imperishable "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." An all cartoon magical musical romance bring an entirely new cast of bewitching mortal and animal and bird characters [to] enact the Cinderella story. Its sentiment and comedy vie to make endering [sic] its vivid action enhanced in color by technicolor. The picture is aimed for adult interest through heart appeal, but the appeal is deftly balanced with the picture's sequences. This show recommended for the entire family.